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Climate Scientists Explain the Pause in Global Warming by Saying It’s “Natural” *facepalm*

“Although scientists are continuing to analyze all the factors that might be driving the hiatus, the new study suggests that natural decade-to-decade climate variability is largely responsible.” From Watts Up With That? — September 10, 2014 Oh this is hilarious. In a “Back To The Future” sort of moment, this press release from the National […]

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NAPAW: Downloadable request for USFWS to Cancel Eagle “Take” Permits for Wind Developers

This is a plea for Canadians and Americans from North American Platform Against Wind to print and send via snail mail to USFWS regarding the 30 year horrific permit for Eagle “takes.” Just download, print, write your comments, and mail. Email comments to the bank is complete, so this is what we have to do. There are […]

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Europes Insane Dash for Green Energy is Leading to Industrial Massacre

Brussels fears European ‘industrial massacre’ sparked by energy costs Europe’s industry is being ravaged by exorbitant energy costs and an over-valued euro, blighting efforts to reverse years of global manufacturing decline. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard — The Telegraph — Sept 8, 2014 “We face a systemic industrial massacre,” said Antonio Tajani, the European industry commissioner. Mr Tajani […]

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Wall Street Journal: Whatever happened to Global Warming?

Matt Ridley — WSJ — Sept. 4, 2014 On Sept. 23 the United Nations will host a party for world leaders in New York to pledge urgent action against climate change. Yet leaders from China, India and Germany have already announced that they won’t attend the summit and others are likely to follow, leaving President […]

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The Global Warming Scam Was Explained Almost 20 Years Ago

Originally posted on Real Science:
Bookmark this classic 1995 article in the Canberra Times. This guy had the entire scam nailed from day one. To conclude that CO2 emissions are a threat to the environment would be doubtful and premature. Only a closer examination of the atmosphere over a long period and further detailed studies will…

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Germany’s Flagship Green Energy Policy “In Tatters”

“Despite the massive expansion of renewable energies, achieving the key objectives of the energy revolution in Germany by 2020 is no longer realistic” says the report. Justin Huggler — The Telegraph — September 2, 2014 Germany’s flagship green energy policy is in tatters, according to a new report by the consultancy firm McKinsey which says […]

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Australia’s Wind Turbines May Stop Spinning as Banks Foreclose

Giles Parkinson — ReNew Economy — September 1, 2014 Australian analysts have warned that some of the country’s wind farms could be forced to close down under proposals made by the Abbott government’s RET Review panel. Insiders are aghast at the assumptions made by the panel about the possibility of closing the scheme to new […]

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Video: Patrick Moore – “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout”

Well worth the time to watch.

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From N.A. Windpower — How Clean is the Oil in Your Turbine?

(Editor’s Note:  Just an information piece for those of us who want to remind the supporters of “clean wind energy” just how “clean” turbines are and that they actually use quite a lot of *gasp* evil oil.  This is a long article, so probably only the engineers among us could get through the whole thing.  I […]

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A Future Powered by Fusion Draws a Little Closer

Roger Highfield — Newsweek — August 2014 Within the next 50 years, scientists will build a fusion power plant to harness the same processes that make the sun shine. The moment this star winks on, everything will change. Of course, that’s also what Cold War scientists said half a century ago when, after the uncontrolled […]

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Interesting Article about How We’re all Being Manipulated No Matter Which Side of the AGW Debate You Fall On

“The Environmental Defense Fund, which says it “work[s] with companies rather than against them” and which is calling on its members to join the march, has funding from the oil and gas industry and supports fracking as a form of alternative energy. These faux environmental organizations are designed to neutralize resistance.” (Editor’s Note:  No matter […]

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Greenwich, Ohio: School Board And Residents Refuse to Give up The Fight Against Wind Turbines — “We’re Awake Now”

South Central school board, officials signed letter opposing project. Joe Centers — Norwalk Reflector — August 31, 2014 The fight is not over. Residents know they have a battle on their hands, but they haven’t given up in their opposition to a windpark in their community. On Monday, the Ohio Power Siting Board approved the […]

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Another Anti-wind Site to Add to our Burgeoning List

Drop by and take a look. Wind Turbine Wildlife Hell

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Colour Us Surprised: Pricey Wind Turbines Remain Idle

Mark Sommerhauser — USA Today — August 31, 2014 ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Visions of a national wind energy bonanza have been a costly mirage for the Department of Veterans Affairs, even after five years of work and more than $3.7 million spent. A Times investigation found the department has little to show for its […]

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Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago

David Rose — Daily Mail — August 29, 2014 Seven years after former US Vice-President Al Gore’s warning, Arctic ice cap has expanded for second year in row An area twice the size of Alaska – America’s biggest state – was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice These satellite images […]

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