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Seven top level scientists who are global warming doubters

(Oddly enough, the headline of this article states that these top 7 scientists are “missing the point” about man-made climate change, but then the author neglects to state “how” they are missing the point.  Instead, she presents their credentials and reasons for doubting the man-made global warming theory, thereby giving more credibility to their arguments. […]

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Lord Monkton Told by Climate Change ambassador in 2014 that Stephen Harper Would be Removed from Office by the U.N.

In an Australian interview in the fall of 2014, Lord Monkton stated that Sir David King, the Climate Change ambassador to the United Kingdom, was asked by the Environmental Committee of the House of Commons (Britain) if all the nations of the world were ready to sign the Global Warming Treaty in Paris (Fall of […]

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Top Physicist and Long Time Democrat Freeman Dyson: “Carbon Dioxide Does Far More Good Than Harm”

The climate models used by alarmist scientists to predict global warming are getting worse, not better; carbon dioxide does far more good than harm; and President Obama has backed the “wrong side” in the war on “climate change.” James Delingpole — Breitbart.com — October 13, 2015 So says one of the world’s greatest theoretical physicists, […]

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2ND TIME TODAY!!! Climate Modeller says Mathematical Error put blame for Climate Change on CO2.

That’s right!  Here we go.  The back peddling is going to pick up speed. “He has fixed two errors and the new corrected model finds the climate’s sensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2) is much lower than was thought.” ************************************************** Perth electrical engineer’s discovery will change climate change debate Miranda Devine — Perth Now — October […]

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Ready for this? “Climate scientists never claimed that CO2 is the only thing that is controlling the changes in global temperature.”

We called this.  We called this a long long time ago.  As soon as the warming paused and kept pausing and they had to change the name of their religion from Global Warming to Climate Change, we KNEW they would eventually backpeddle on CO2 and here it is. While he continues to push the global […]

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Global warming SHOCK: Earth’s natural coolant could be TWICE as powerful as first thought

A NATURAL cooling process which reverses the effects of global warming could be nearly TWICE as powerful as scientists previously believed. Rob Virtue — The Express (UK) — October 2, 2015 Research has identified a natural system where volatile organic compounds (VOC) are emitted into the air from the sea. These VOCs cause the climate […]

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U.S. Study: Wind Turbines Even More Expensive and Useless Than You Thought

James Delinpole — Breitbart — July 2015 The cost of wind energy is significantly more expensive than its advocates pretend, a new US study has found. If you believe this chart produced by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), then onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of power – more competitive than nuclear, […]

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Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees » | Geoengineering Watch

Originally posted on Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth:
http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/government-implements-illegal-gag-order-on-national-weather-service-and-noaa/ Dane Wigington geoengineeringwatch.org The power structure is beginning to panic as the public wakes up to the criminal climate engineering insanity. The growing police state is completely out of control and becoming unimaginably blatant with their actions. In recent weeks Washington has placed “gag orders” on…

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Stephen Harpers Legacy — Will the Liberals be Judged as Harshly?

We heard non-stop during the last few years of Stephen Harpers Conservative government, that he had “ruined” Canada.   Let’s examine and make record of some of his achievements, so we can compare in 4 years time how Canada has fared under Liberal rule.   Make note of these programs and initiatives so that no one […]

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Legendary Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens is suing Ontario for $700 million over wind power

Bend over Ontariowe.  You’re about to get it again.  Our hydro rates are going up November 1st and why not, when we have this sort of crap going on?   — DQ New York Times — October 16, 2015 T. Boone Pickens made billions drilling for oil and gas and squaring off in bare-knuckled corporate […]

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This Election has become a scandal beyond all proportion — Voter Fraud being encouraged by FB group.

This FB group has given instructions on how to vote multiple times in order to get out Stephen Harper.  This has now called into question all ballots already cast and any that will be done on October 19th unless someone stops this. Click here to see the FB page Here are the screengrabs in case […]

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This commentary is by Brian Dubie, who served as Vermont’s lieutenant governor from 2003-2011. He is a pilot for American Airlines and lives in Fairfield. Brian Dubie — Vermont Digger — October  4, 2015 What do you think of when you think of an industrial wind project? Wind developers want you to think of free, […]

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Small Vermont Town Stands Tall Against Wind Developer by a Vote of 274 – 9 Against.

Bruce Parker — Vermont Watchdog — October 2, 2015 In a stinging rebuke of Vermont’s most prominent wind developer, Irasburg residents packed Town Hall Thursday night and voted 274-9 against hosting giant wind turbines on a nearby ridgeline in sight of local neighborhoods. At a special meeting called by the Irasburg Selecboard, hundreds of people […]

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The quiet war Obama is waging on the economy and American families. Bruce Thornton — Front Page Mag — August 18, 2015 Progressives believe that they are the party of enlightenment and science. Conservatives, in contrast, are still enslaved to irrational religious beliefs and fossilized traditions. For progressives, a statement like “97% of scientists believe […]

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Wind farm advocate and liar, Simon Chapman forced to apologize

Graham Lloyd — Environment Editor — August 19, 2015 Public health professor and wind farm advocate Simon Chapman has published a long apology to ­industrial noise campaigner Sarah Laurie for falsely claiming she had been deregistered as a doctor. The apology exposes a long-running campaign to discredit Dr Laurie, who has spoken out for residents […]

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