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The Canadian MSM is Starting to Pay Attention! Wind Farms Killing Thousands of Bats

Tip o’ the hat to M.K. Barton for this article. Sheila Pratt — National Post — November 19, 2014 EDMONTON — Thousands of bats die on southern Alberta wind farms each year, but it’s unclear what effect that is having on the overall population, says Canada’s foremost bat expert, Robert Barclay. Most of the bats […]

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Idaho News Video: How Often Do Wind Companies Check for Dead Birds?? The Owner of This One says “Twice a Year”

Click on picture to go to news video. Karen Zatkulak, KTVB — November 18, 2014 BOISE – Wind farms are popping up all across our region. In Idaho alone, there are around 600 turbines generating energy. The alternative resource could be endangering local wildlife, including many species of birds. In fact, it’s estimated that 2,500 […]

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Birdlife International: Globally recognized habitat in Ontario headed for ruin due to wind turbines

Nature Canada — November 17, 2014 Press Release November 17, 2014 (OTTAWA) More than 350 of the planet’s most important sites for nature are threatened with being lost forever according to a new report by BirdLife International. Four of Canada’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) are in danger. The BirdLife International report “IBAs in […]

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Donna Rachel Edmunds — Breitbart London — November 17, 2014 Germany’s Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, has indicated that the country will abandon its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by 40 percent by 2020, from a 1990 base level. In doing so he has won the ongoing clash with his own environmental minister Barbara Hendricks over […]

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U.S.: Wind Energy Firm Sues Government to Block Release of Bird Deaths Data Saying Its Confidential

Dina Cappiello — Associated Press — November 17, 2014 WASHINGTON — A company that operates at least 13 wind-energy facilities across three states is suing in federal court to block the U.S. government from releasing information to The Associated Press about how many birds are found dead at its facilities. Pacificorp of Portland, Oregon, is […]

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Wind farm on Oak Ridges Moraine up for appeal hearing

Vanessa Lu — Toronto Star — November 15, 2014 Wind energy may be green, but opponents of a proposed wind farm on the Oak Ridges Moraine worry that five giant turbines will damage the environmentally sensitive area. “There are conflicting values,” said Heather Stauble, a Kawartha Lakes councillor who represents the area where WPD Canada […]

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Ocotillo Residents Say Wind Turbine Noise Creates a Living Hell

“It’s a horror beyond words; something you have to live to understand. Something must be done to stop the noise.” – Ocotillo resident Parke Ewing Tip o’ the hat to Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction East County Magazine — November 15, 2014 Pattern Energy Glenn Hodges explains that noise won’t be an issue due to the […]

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The Root Cause of the Global Warming / Pro-wind Activists Mindset: Perspective

I was  musing this morning about why we have such an uphill battle trying to convince people who live in the cities that we don’t need wind and solar power to ‘clean’ up our planet man-made global warming is NOT happening climate change is natural the world is NOT imploding from pollution It’s perspective.   According […]

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Oklahoma Judge Orders County to Approve Wind Turbine Development

(Editor’s Note:  The judge rejected complaints that the 400-foot towers would damage the sweeping views of the Osage prairie. “There is just as much of a chance,” the judge wrote, “that the general public will drive to see the operation of a wind farm as would be turned off by it.” So the judge rules […]

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Queen’s University professor disputes wind turbine report

Elliot Ferguson — Kingston-Whig Standard — November 12, 2014 KINGSTON, Ont. – One of the key experts backing opposition to a wind energy development on Amherst Island said a recent Health Canada study is more politics than science. John Harrison, a Queen’s University professor emeritus in physics and a member of the Association to Protect […]

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From Save the Eagles International: Birds and Wind Farms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nov. 10th, 2014 Birds and wind farms In an article published in the Guardian on November 7th, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is quoted saying that since 1980, across 25 European countries, house sparrow numbers have declined by 147 million, a 62% drop to 90 million. According to […]

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Part 2: The Negative Health Impact of Noise from Industrial Wind Turbines: The Evidence

From Hearing Health Matters.org — November 11, 2014 Today’s post, the second of three installments, reviews the major research findings linking low-frequency noise and infrasound from industrial wind turbines with effects on health and quality of life. By Jerry Punch, PhD, and Richard James, INCE, BME Evidence that industrial wind turbines (IWTs) negatively impact human […]

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Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Aware of Two Types Of Wind Turbine Noise in 2005

Tip o’ the hat to Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction Why Are The Taxpayers The Last To Hear The Truth ? Frank Haggerty — Falmouth Patch — November 11, 2014 Mass CEC 2 Types Of Wind Turbine Noise Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Aware of Two Types Of Wind Turbine Noise in 2005 Folks, Prior to the […]

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How to scientifically falsify the man made global warming hypothesis

Information Revolution — November 10, 2014 In answer to this question, one which science has so far failed to produce, here was my take on it. AGW is based on shifting sands. The great majority, maybe 90%, is simply guesswork, and within a complex non-linear system, and worse still on a timescale beyond our lifetimes […]

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Denise Wolfe Data Review of the Health Canada Study on Wind Turbines

This is a DRAFT (and far from exhaustive) review of the information provided by Health Canada (HC) pertaining to the HC Wind Turbine Noise Study and is designed to serve as a starting point for further discussion. A review of the information provided by Health Canada with regards to the preliminary results published on the […]

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