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Another Anti-wind Site to Add to our Burgeoning List

Drop by and take a look. Wind Turbine Wildlife Hell

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Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago

David Rose — Daily Mail — August 29, 2014 Seven years after former US Vice-President Al Gore’s warning, Arctic ice cap has expanded for second year in row An area twice the size of Alaska – America’s biggest state – was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice These satellite images […]

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28 Predictions Later or the Invasion of the Living Dead.

Originally posted on Pointman's:
The plague started so quietly that nobody took any notice of the first isolated outbreak. To be truthful, we can’t actually pinpoint a single incident or even an inception date – there is no patient zero. Through sheer weight of numbers, they easily overwhelmed a few of the smaller skeptic blogs. The initial…

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Mike Barnard

Originally posted on nomoreliesblog:
Bullying a windfarm victim In an article of August 22, 2014 by Lindsay Abrams, trying to discredit the claims of wind farm victims, we read: “Since 1998, 49 lawsuits in five countries have alleged that the clean energy source [wind farms] is making people sick. But according to new research published…

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UK: As the Tide Turns on Wind Farms, What is Causing this Wind of Change?

Brian Daniel — The Journal — August 27, 2014 A growing number of wind farm proposals in Northumberland are being refused amid an apparent turning of the tide You don’t have to go back too far to a time when you couldn’t open The Journal without reading about residents Northumberland begging for mercy from an […]

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Battery Storage for Energy: These revolutionary technologies promised to help save us from climate change. So what happened?

Evan Fleischer — Washington Post — August 27, 2014 There’s an odd micro-trend playing out via news media and press releases that all but insists that society is perpetually on the cusp of a battery revolution. In 2006, MIT hailed a groundbreaking device that could store as much energy as a conventional battery while recharging […]

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Spain’s Green Energy Experiment

The Institute for Energy Research — August 27, 2014 The IER released today a case study on Spain’s failed green energy policies. This is the second entry in a series of case studies on Europe’s green energy disaster (click here to read IER’s case study on Germany). For years, President Obama has pointed to Europe’s […]

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Environmentalism – Why Green Isn’t Always Good

Thanks to one of our followers, S. Stevenson for this video.

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Greenpeace: Germany is Now the Biggest Consumer of Lignite Coal in Europe. So Much for All Those Wind Turbines

Tom Revell — Blue and Green Tomorrow — August 30, 2014 The construction of a new wave of coal plants designed to burn Europe’s reserves of lignite could scupper the EU’s efforts to curb climate change, campaigners have warned. In a new analysis, researchers from Greenpeace say the expansion of lignite mining could add 118 million […]

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Denmark: High court rules on compensation for noise from wind turbines

Environment & Climate Change – Denmark High Court rules on compensation for noise from wind turbines September 01 2014 Background Depending on their location, wind turbines can cause noise, visual interference and light reflections. These issues are governed by public and private law, including neighbour law. The main rules regarding noise from wind turbines can […]

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Oklahoma: Residents File Class Action Lawsuit to Block Wind Developer

(One to keep our eyes on. — DQ) Joe Wertz — State Impact — August 26, 2014 Seven landowners filed a class-action lawsuit this week to prevent wind turbines from being built near their homes in Canadian and Kingfisher counties. In the complaint, (click link below to view), the landowners claim that planned wind farm […]

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“Polar bears miss the message on global warming” – my article in RANGE Magazine

Originally posted on polarbearscience:
Here’s an excerpt of my article “Polar bears miss the message on global warming,” just out in the Fall 2014 issue of RANGE Magazine. The caption for a copy of the photo above, included in the article, says: “In a recent TV ad campaign, the Center for Biological Diversity said, “global…

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The Good People of Maine have made Radio Commercials to Educate the Public about Wind Turbines!

Originally posted on the Original "Mothers Against Wind Turbines" TM:
Listen to Saving Maine’s first three radio commercials exposing wind power in Maine Posted by Long Islander on August 27, 2014  Click right here and turn your speakers on. These spots are being aired as part of Saving Maine’s continuing advertising effort to…

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DiCaprio and Other Celebrity Activists Should Plan a Trip to China to Educate Themselves

Editorial — Edmonton Journal — August 25, 2014 Saturday’s column on Leonardo DiCaprio unleashed lots of reader reaction, as I expected, including dozens of emails (some pretty hostile) and scores of online comments. In general, the reaction falls into two camps: first, those who generally see Hollywood activist-celebs like DiCaprio as hypocrites who don’t walk […]

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India: Villagers Demand “Real Electricity” from their Government — not the “Fake” Kind

Tip of the hat to A. Marciniak for the find. Bihar village clamours for real electricity From India Today — August 2014 The least you would expect when you bring electricity to an entire village, ending over three decades of darkness, is a ‘thank you’ from its residents. But no such niceties here in Dharnai, […]

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