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UK: Electricity demand hits highest this winter – as wind power slumps to its lowest

Power demand hit its highest level this winter on Monday, but wind farms met just one per cent of the UK’s needs (Welcome to Ontariowe’s future — DQ) Emily Gosden — Energy Editor — The Telegraph — January 20, 2015 UK electricity demand hit its highest level this winter on Monday – while wind turbines […]

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2014 – The Most Dishonest Year on Record

From Climate Change Dispatch — January 19, 2015 Robert Tracinski — Federalist Last week, according to our crackerjack mainstream media, NASA announced that 2014 was the hottest year, like, ever. No, really. The New York Times began its report with: “Last year was the hottest in earth’s recorded history.” Well, not really. As we’re about […]

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On Climate Sensitivity

Anthony Bright-Paul — Climate Change Dispatch — January 15, 2015 Have you ever Googled ‘climate sensitivity’ in order to find a clear definition? I have. One can then get plunged into a jungle of meaningless verbiage, specially designed by charlatans for charlatans. If we are to deal with language alone, there is no way that […]

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John Hayward — Breitbart.com — January 14, 2015 Think Progress is unhappy with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s insufficient enthusiasm in pushing “climate change” propaganda on the farmers he regulates: “‘Weather variation’ is USDA code for ‘climate change’ — Vilsack.” That was the headline in the E&E News story Monday on U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary […]

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Scotland: Gagging on Wind Power

From Energy Matters: – January 2015 I last looked into the details and consequences of Scottish energy policy in the pre-referendum post Scotch on the ROCs. The expansion of Scottish renewables is progressing at breakneck speed and the purpose of this post is to update on where we are and where we are heading whether anyone […]

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Surveying the Wreckage (of Ontario’s Energy Policies)

Another fantastic and revealing article by Rick Conroy of the Wellington Times on the insanity and havoc being wreaked by the Liberals outrageous and destructive energy policies. — DQ ************************************************ Rick Conroy — The Times — January 16, 2015 A good friend of mine runs a business in the County. He has done so for […]

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Continuing with #2 in our series on the 4  year majority that Ontariowe handed the Liberals.  Feel free to pass these around to remind everyone that not taking your voting rights seriously, can have dire consequences Carbon Taxes — another cash grab that will continue to drive businesses and jobs out of the province.

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New York City’s First “MASSIVE” Wind Turbine!!! How big is it you ask? Now don’t laugh…..

160 feet tall — producing 100KW….or as the New York Times say, enough to power one light bulb for 100 years.  And the great thing is, it only cost $750,000 which the wind company says will pay for itself within 5 years…..while producing enough power to light one bulb for a century.  So the question […]

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Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk to focus on Ontario power system in 2015 report

Antonella Artuso — Toronto Sun — January 13, 2015 Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk is turning her sharp eye to the subject of power planning in the province for her next annual report. … …  Ontario’s power system has generated significant controversy as hydro bills rise and everything from excess supply, infrastructure renewal, pricey deals […]

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Wind Energy’s Bluster Peters Out

Marita Noon — Heartland Institute — January 12, 2015 Touted as “America’s first offshore wind project,” Cape Wind became one of America’s most high-profile and most controversial wind-energy projects. Fourteen years in the making, estimated at $2.6 billion for 130 turbines, covering 25 square miles in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Massachusetts, the Cape […]

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Great Interview with Lord Christopher Monkton on the Worldwide Campaign to Enforce Climate Agenda

January 10, 2015 Click here to listen to astounding and revealing interview on the world-wide pressure to conform

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Science is Never Completely Irrefutable

(From the Australian Climate Sceptics Blog) — Saturday, January 3, 2015 Science is never completely irrefutable Many of the general public believe that the much promoted “consensus” is an actual consensus with virtually all scientists agreeing. Science is not judged by consensus; consensus is a political thought and not a scientific thought. Two well known scientists […]

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#1 — Energy — Wynne’s 4 Year Majority focus series

Starting off the New Year with our “Wynne’s 4 year Majority in Ontario” focus series. Feel free to pass these around as we need to remind people that what is happening in Ontario will happen to the rest of Canada if Silverspoon Justin gets elected this year.

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Carbon dioxide emissions help tropical rainforests grow faster

Richard Gray — Daily Mail (UK) — December 30, 2014 Nasa study shows tropical forests absorb 1.5 billion tonnes of CO2 a year Rainforests absorb more than half of CO2 taken up by vegetation globally Scientists previously believed tropical forests emitted carbon dioxide Researchers claim their findings emphasise the need to protect rainforests from deforestation […]

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UK: Seniors and Many Families with Children are Too Poor to Heat Their Homes Thanks to Skyrocketing Energy Bills

(The same situation is happening more often here in Ontario, as various charities report that they are already out of funds for the season to help those who can’t afford their electricity bills and the Auditor General has advised that Ontarians pay billions extra, unnecessarily, for hydro.  And still, the ridiculous green agenda steamrolls on. […]

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