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Ontario Liberal Monopoly game

MONOPOLY: Ontario Liberal Party Version

With more and more families in Ontario entering Energy Poverty, thanks to the insane policies of the Liberal Party, families are now finding themselves sitting in the dark at night.  This has spawned a resurgence in board games and the newest rage in board games is the Ontario Liberal Party version of Monopoly. Click on […]

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If Climate Change is Settled, Then why do the Alarmists Keep Moving the Goal Posts?

As we showcased last week on Quixotes, the Climate Alarmists love nothing more than to keep the goal posts in constant motion, trying to stay ahead of the Climate Realists who keep proving that the AGW predictions are consistently wrong.  (See Live Science Predicts an Ice Free Arctic by 2020 or maybe 2060 or 2035 or 2025.) […]

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Green Energy RipOff — The Ontario Liberals Guide to Stealing Billions

Although this article is about the renewable energy ripoff using California as the example, people living in Ontario will easily recognize the Liberal Party’s money making scam.   How do we get the RCMP to do a full criminal investigation? – DQ ****************************** Norman Rogers — American Thinker — April 18, 2014 Renewable energy is the latest […]

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Social unrest due to industrial wind turbines: “A shocking snapshot of how serious it is”

Originally posted on FAUXGREEN:
We have a crisis folks, all around London, and it’s getting almost no attention by the politicians, and, quite frankly, by the media. (Andy Oudman, CJBK London) As the skeptics all too painfully know, most of the mainstream media, including public broadcasters like the CBC and TVO, seem to be acting as enthusiastic trumpet…

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National Geographic Has Become An Embarrassment to the World of Science

“Why do stupid people keep listening to stupid people?” — PK *********************************************** Drunken Trees: Dramatic Signs of Climate Change As the permafrost melts in the north, forests no longer grow straight. Brian Clark Howard — National Geographic — April 17, 2014 Sarah James, an Alaska Native elder, says global warming is radically changing her homeland. […]

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Environmental Defence’s Hypocrisy on Full Display Again. This time with Bisphenol A.

We all know that one of the components of wind turbine blades is Bisphenol A, which breaks down over time and exposure to the weather, feeding into the air.  The internal Vestas report which states that over 1 ton of hazardous waste is created with the production of every single turbine blade is well documented […]

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Wynne Claims the Goderich Area is One of Her Favourite Vacation Spots. Election Rhetoric in Full Swing.

Does this sound like someone who is trying to suck up to the people around Goderich who are furious over the wind turbine assault on their quality of life?  I’m really surprised she didn’t say, “The Chatham-Kent Wind Farms.” Reading over this list, why do I get the feeling that Wynne had absolutely nothing to do […]

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Mike Crawley & FIT Contracts — Liberal Corruption Making Millions

Tip o’ the hat to Robert Stocki for this find.  It really is time to bring every one of these corrupt Liberal thugs to justice.  Forget the OPP, it’s way too big for that.  We need a full-scale RCMP criminal investigation into the underhanded, unethical and amoral dealings of the Liberal Party. Lowell Green from […]

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It’s The Global, Stupid

Originally posted on Real Science:
During a cold* year, the US and Canada are a tiny portion of globe – and are irrelevant to climate experts. It is about “global” warming after all, or perhaps just Australian warming. But mention “global” sea ice area, and the same people insist that Antarctica doesn’t count. * During…

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2005: Russian Solar Physicists Bet $10,000 That the Earth Would Start Cooling by 2015

I think they’re going to collect on their bet. — DQ Russian pair challenge UK expert over global warming David Adam — Science Correspondent, The Guardian (UK) — Aug. 19, 2005 Two climate change sceptics, who believe the dangers of global warming are overstated, have put their money where their mouth is and bet $10,000 […]

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“Save the World! Quit your Job!” Yep, you read that right.

NOW, the eco-zealots want us to stop working to save the planet.  That’s right.  Every hour that you work ‘cooks the planet”. Tip o’ the hat to Climate Depot for this little gem. Well, it appears to be a slow week for the AGW alarmists.  We’ve already been told to stop eating meat because of […]

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Former Liberal MP is a turbine leaseholder at the new Bluewater Wind Farm. Quelle Surprise!!

Bluewater Wind Farm creates divide in community Click here to watch video CTV news (London) — April 16, 2014 Construction is underway on 37 wind turbines just south of Bayfield.  Once complete, they’ll make up the Bluewater Wind Farm.   It’s a project that has divided the community, even families. “I have cousins that have put […]

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Germany’s Green Dreams Meet Harsh Reality

Tip o’ the hat to  “Not a Lot of People Know That” for the article. David Shukman — BBC Science Editor — April 11, 2014 A vision for a greener future for the world seems very distant if you descend into the heart of one of Germany’s largest coal mines. While researchers and officials are in […]

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Hold on to your wallet — Ontario Hydro Rates to go up Again on May 1st.

Ontario Energy Board approves rate hike of about 3 dollars a month per home… Dave Bradley — Newstalk 1010 — April 16, 2014 Be prepared; your hydro bill is on the way up. The Ontario Energy Board approved the rate increase of 2.4%, which works out to about 3 dollars per month for the average […]

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Stossel: Why I’m cheering for fossil fuels this Earth Day

John Stossel — April 16, 2014 “The heavens reek, the waters below are foul … we are in a crisis of survival.” That’s how Walter Cronkite and CBS hyped the first Earth Day, back in 1970. Somehow we’ve survived since then, and most of life got better, although I never hear that from the worrywarts. […]

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