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How Green Energy is Fleecing Ontario Electricity Consumers

(Hat tip to Mr. McKitrick for the heads up on this article) Ross McKitrick and Tom Adams — Financial Post — October 29, 2014 Adding renewable generating capacity triggers changes throughout the system that multiply costs for consumers Ontario’s green energy transformation – initiated a decade ago under then-Premier Dalton McGuinty – is now hitting […]

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Fantastic Video: Patrick Moore (Co-founder of Greenpeace) Explains Why Global Warming is a Hoax

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Second Time in One Week a Professor Emeritus says, “Climate Change is not Man-made”

Daniel Botkin, professor Emeritus in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at University of California Santa Barbara says Climate Change is not our fault.   (Hat tip to C. Berg) Donna Rachel Edmunds — — October 29, 2014 Climate change is happening – but not because of human activity, Daniel Botkin, professor […]

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(UK) Scientific Alliance Study Shows that Industrial Wind Turbines are Expensive and Deeply Inefficient — October 27, 2014 Wind power is too variable and too unpredictable to provide a serious alternative to fossil fuels, a new study by the Scientific Alliance and the Adam Smith Institute has confirmed. The researchers concluded that, although it is true that the wind is always blowing somewhere, the base line is only around […]

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Tasmania Ditches $2 Billion Wind Project Because It’s Not Economically Viable !! They Did Their Homework. Well done!!

Hydro Tasmania ditches $2b King Island wind farm project (Hat tip to the Galileo Movement) ABC News (AU) — October 28, 2014 State-owned power generator Hydro Tasmania has killed off a $2 billion wind farm planned for King Island because it says the project is not economically viable. Hydro had planned to build a 600 […]

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French Doctor Talks about Health Effects From Wind Turbines…..No More Denial!

Originally posted on the Original "Mothers Against Wind Turbines" TM:
Chevallier: wind turbines, eco sham and new drama Public Health The Point – Published 10/24/2014 at 15:34 We swear by these symbols of environmental cleanliness. Yet the myth to reality, there is an abyss, and maybe even a scandal! Avignonet Lauragais Midi-Pyrenees. Studies…

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Rash of Vandalism at Southwestern Ontario Wind Farms — Oh well !

John Milner — London Free Press — October 25, 2014 Ontario wind farms have made enemies, enemies prepared to cross legal boundaries. That’s becoming a serious new challenge for police in Southwestern Ontario, where the majority of the province’s wind farms are located. In the past few weeks, there has been a spate of attacks […]

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Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences: Industrial Wind Turbines Live the Life of a Parasite

Greens’ silence on the folly of wind and solar power Iam Pilmer — News Weekly — October 23, 2014 A simple evaluation of ideological electricity shows that it is unsustainable. The answer is certainly not blowing in the wind. The amount of energy embedded in steel pylons, concrete footings, blades, wiring, magnets, land clearing and roads […]

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Thank you, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent

Our prayers and condolences are with your families.  Thank you for your service to this great country.

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Ontario’s Green Success

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UK: A Green Mess

Andrew Stuttaford — National Review — October 18, 2014 With the right of the Tory party mutinous, and clear signs that the Conservatives’ support in their rural hinterland is drifting away, the decision by David Cameron to fire environment minister Owen Paterson, a leading figure on the Conservative right who also appeared to “get “ […]

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“Rotten” Describes Life Living Next to an Industrial Wind Facility

Joan M. Lagerman — FDL Reporter — October 18, 2014 Bill Lueder’s Oct. 13 Money & Politics column in The Reporter — Wisconsin Lags on Renewable Energy — focuses on the progress of renewable energy projects in our state. He discusses solar and wind project development. The author quotes Matt Neumann, president of the Wisconsin […]

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Australia: Green City Residents Use “Nimby” Secure in the Knowledge They Will Never Live Near a Turbine

Letter to the Editor — Goulburn Post (AU) — October 19, 2014 I AM writing regarding Jupiter wind farm, proposed for the area surrounding Tarago. The proposed development would consist of up to 110 wind turbines each 170 meters or 50 stories tall. The developer is EPYC a company which I understand is over 80 […]

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Vermont Company Fined for Turbines Violating Noise Limits — State Board Member Says it Should Have Been More

Burlington Free Press (Vermont) — October 17, 2014 The state Public Service Board this week fined Green Mountain Power Corp. $1,000 for violating noise limits with its Lowell Mountain wind project. The penalty for the violations could have been up to $100,000. The board said Green Mountain Power’s agreement to conduct a year of continued […]

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U.S. Dept. of Energy Knew in 1985 About Infrasound Health Effects of Turbines After 6 Year Study

Mark Whitworth — Energize Vermont — October 18, 2014 Big Wind has a big public relations problem. A new WCAX poll shows public support for wind plummeting from 66 percent in 2013 to 50 percent now. Wind developers may search for clues about this reversal of fortune in a UVM honors undergraduate thesis written by […]

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