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Ready for this? The North American Wind Industry says that the Eagle Kill Permits are great for Eagle Conservation and Protection!!

(Note: Another one of those “you just can’t make this crap up” moments.  This is the current propaganda being touted by the wind industry in the face of incredible backlash against them from environmental groups over the FWS decision to allow them to kill bald eagles for 30 years without penalty.  “Obtaining an eagle take […]

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Solar Firm Offers to Spay Cats to Balance out the Number of Birds Killed by Their Green Energy

(Note:   You just can’t make this stuff up.  Because their solar facility has become the world’s largest bug and bird zapper, BrightSource has offered to offset this by donating $1.8 million to programs that spay and neuter cats.  Good grief.  This article starts off talking about the dangers to pilots and airline passengers, but eventually […]

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Ireland turbines 3

Ireland: ‘Shocking’ health implications, claim wind farm protesters

(Note: To our Irish followers — if you know what this 8 page document is and how to get a copy of it, please let us know.  Leave a comment below this article.  Thanks. — DQ) Dolan Nolan — The Independent — August 20, 2014 HUNDREDS in the Finuge area are this week reading a […]

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Wind Farms Divide Environmentalists: Renewable Energy vs. Dead Birds

Rob Nikolewski — Daily Signal — August 2014 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Paul Domski is a falconer and a bird lover. And he seriously doesn’t like wind farms or the federal government’s recent decision to protect wind energy companies from punishment for 30 years for killing eagles. “If I was the country’s energy czar, I’d get rid of […]

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The Environmental Movement Becomes a Bird-Killing Machine

Dr. Merrill Matthews — The Institute for Policy Innovation — August 19, 2014 It’s not just wind turbines wiping out thousands of birds; it turns out that solar plants can also take a heavy toll. The Associated Press reports that federal wildlife officials have visited a state-of-the-art solar energy plant in the Mojave Desert to […]

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New York: 60 Residents File Lawsuits Against Invenergy Wind Facility

(Note:  This is one to keep our eye on.  The lawyer involved also handled the Love Canal lawsuits.  Should be interesting. — DQ)   Ed Reilly — WKBW — August 21, 2014 ORANGEVILLE, N.Y. (WKBW) Sixty residents from Orangeville and Attica have filed lawsuits claiming that the Stony Creek Wind Farm is ruining their quality of […]

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Four Months After Predicting The Demise Of Antarctic Sea Ice, NSIDC Experts Said They Predicted Record Ice All Along

Originally posted on Real Science:
Two years ago in June, Boulder experts predicted the demise of Penguins due to declining Antarctic Sea ice. EMPEROR PENGUINS THREATENED BY ANTARCTIC SEA ICE LOSS June 20, 2012 BOULDER—A decline in the population of emperor penguins appears likely this century as climate change reduces the extent of Antarctic sea…

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Wind Power Requires 700 Times as Much Land as Fracking for the Same Amount of Energy

John Hinderaker — Power Line — August 14, 2014 One of the weirder facts of contemporary life is that “environmentalists” generally prefer wind power to fracking. Unless you suffer from an anti-carbon fetish, there is no comparison, as the Telegraph reports: A wind farm requires 700 times more land to produce the same amount of […]

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Why Wind Energy is a Bad Idea

Originally posted on Power For USA:
In a casual conversation, I was asked why wind energy is a bad idea. Once again, I realized that a one or two-word answer could not convey a readily understandable and accurate picture of wind energy. This article will try to provide such an answer in a few hundred…

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Wind Turbines An Enormous Waste Of Taxpayer Money

Originally posted on Right Reason:
A recent Siemens/Mid American Iowa Energy commercial touts Iowans embracing wind turbines as a successful renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels. Having researched wind turbines and wind energy production it is difficult to comprehend why we continue to throw good money at the staggering failure this source of energy has…

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Yet another example of the “green energy” scam

Socialistic money laundering to transfer wealth to a select few Beaufort Observer — August 10, 2014 Global warming, a.k.a. climate change, is the vehicle for the transfer of wealth. The fundamental characteristic of the global warming progeny is that green energy, green vehicles, green this and green that is that none of these “developments” is […]

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UK: Wind farms Paid Record Sums Not to Produce Electricity

Windy weather and low demand for electricity led to wind farm owners being paid a record amount to switch off turbines on Monday Edward Malnick — The Telegraph — August 12, 2014 Wind farms were paid a record sum of almost £3 million in a single day this week not to produce electricity. Strong winds […]

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Wind Facilities in Germany Kill Alarming Number of Noctule Bats from Near and Far: Immediate Action Necessary

Peer-reviewed — PLOS One — August 13, 2014  Abstract Over recent years, it became widely accepted that alternative, renewable energy may come at some risk for wildlife, for example, when wind turbines cause large numbers of bat fatalities. To better assess likely populations effects of wind turbine related wildlife fatalities, we studied the geographical origin […]

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Germany has a $412 Billion Renewable Energy Money Pit Lesson For Ontario

Germany, the model for Ontario’s wind and solar developments, now regrets its spending spree Brady Yauch — Financial Post — August 12, 2014 Germany – the country on which Ontario modelled its approach to renewable energy development – has a $412-billion lesson for Ontario. That’s the amount the country has spent on subsidies in support […]

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Siemens and AWEA join together to give us this piece of B.S. Propoganda — “Sounds of Wind”

By all means, make sure to leave a comment under the youtube video for Siemens to see.   (NOT here on this page.  On the Youtube page….Siemens won’t see it if you leave a comment here.) Article about the video can be read here…..    

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