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Over Half of England to be Covered by Turbines, Solar Panels and Fuel Crops. Focus should be on energy efficiency and conservation.

The Telegraph — April 17, 2015 Half of England will be covered by wind turbines, solar panels and fuel crops unless there is huge investment in energy efficiency, campaigners have warned. A report by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says there is a need for much more focus on conserving energy and reducing […]

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Sacrificing the Sanctity of Land at the Altar of Energy

Charles W. Johnson — Times Argus — April 13, 2015 Something big is missing from our public debates about industrial wind turbines on our ridgelines. It’s something never talked about in testimony to the Legislature or at legal hearings on the subject. It’s almost as if it’s a forbidden topic. Yet it’s one of the […]

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Michigan: County Pushes Stop Button on Wind Development

New regulations will include increasing the setback distance for the turbines, creating tighter noise restrictions, eliminating turbine flicker for the homes of nonparticipating residents, and a ban on wind development within three miles of the Lake Huron shoreline. This three-mile no-windmill zone was recommended by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Jack Spencer — CapCon — […]

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New Video from France: Wind Energy – The Big Swindle

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Video: The Senate in Australia has called an inquiry into wind project health impacts.

Originally posted on Global Wind Energy — The Human Impact:
Please watch this video. The Senate in Australia has called an inquiry into wind project health impacts. You will see some of the problems that independent researchers have to deal with. Suppression of information is paramount to industry success. The Australians are exposing the fraud.…

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New Video Shows the Devastation To the Natural Beauty Surrounding Loch Ness

Sign the petition to the Scottish government to stop this assault on the beautiful country of Scotland by greedy wind developers….click here.

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Wind Industry Seems To Know There’s a Problem Without Actually Acknowledging It

U.S. and Chilean researchers join to study wind turbine vibration, dampen unwanted noise. Virginia Tech — March 30, 2015 Newswise — Wind turbines provide clean, abundant energy and bolster America’s power grid. But across the world people are banding together to fight wind farms, blaming noise for interrupted sleep and a host of health problems. […]

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Why So Many Rural Ontarians Can’t Stand Wind Power (The Agenda)

Well, this article had me nodding in agreement for the first half of it, until they got to the “main” reason rural residents  oppose wind farms, which is supposedly because there’s no monetary benefit in it for them.  *sigh*  Here we go with that bullshit again. I have yet to hear any of the people […]

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Donna Rachel Edmunds — — March 25, 2015 In the nearly two years since John Cook and his colleagues published their ’97 percent’ paper claiming a scientific consensus on climate change, the term ’97 percent’ has become something of a mantra for global warming advocates. President Obama tweeted “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate […]

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Catch it Tonight on TVO @ 9:00 p.m.– “Big Wind”

Starting at 8:00 tonight, The Agenda with Steve Paikin will focus on wind turbines in Ontario and there will be a round table discussion, followed at 9:00 by the documentary “Big Wind”. Click here to watch preview Exploring the conflict over the controversial development of industrial wind turbines that threaten to irreversibly transform the landscape […]

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Three Chilling Essays by Michael Crichton on the Bastardization of Modern Science and the New World Religion

From the Science and Public Policy Institute, three essays by Michael Crichton that are ‘must reads’ for anyone wondering how the hell the myth of Global Warming has taken hold in the minds of so many people.  I’ve been saying for a very long time that Anthropogenic Global Warming is the new world religion, as it […]

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No, Being a Climate Change Skeptic Isn’t Like Fearing Vaccines

Stephen Moore — The Daily Signal — March 22, 2015 National Geographic’s latest cover story generated lots of attention for comparing climate change skeptics to those who fear vaccinations, disbelieve NASA’s moon landing, and oppose water fluoridation. The author bemoans the fact that only 40 percent of Americans (according to Pew Research Center) “accept that […]

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What I truly despise about the green mentality.

Originally posted on Pointman's:
It’s about fear, paralysing self-doubt and above all, inward-looking. It has a veneer of caring but it is chronically selfish and insulated from ordinary people. Consequently, it can’t really relate to sweaty complicated variables like human beings. It simplifies them, abstracts them as objects, little unreal figures, digitised peasants populating the…

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Dr. Patrick Moore — Why I am A Climate Change Skeptic

Patrick Moore, Ph.D., has been a leader in international environmentalism for more than 40 years. He cofounded Greenpeace and currently serves as chair of Allow Golden Rice. Moore received the 2014 Speaks Truth to Power Award at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, July 8, 2014 in Las Vegas. Watch his presentation on Youtube […]

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Ontario Government Climate Change Presentation Riddled With Mistakes (Town Hall Meeting in Guelph today)

The Climate Change Discussion Paper public town hall in Guelph will be held from 6 — 8 p.m. March 18 at the University of Guelph Arboretum on College Avenue East. Tom Harris — Guelph Mercury — March 17, 2015 On Wednesday, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment is leading a town-hall meeting in Guelph to […]

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