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Bill Gates Dismisses Solar And Wind Energy, “Can’t Do The Job” …Cost “Beyond Astronomical”!

No Tricks Zone — June 28, 2015 Another prominent thumbs down against wind the current renewable energy craze, this one from Bill Gates. The UK online Register here reports that the technology guru is not impressed by fad renewable energies wind and sun: “Renewable energy can’t do the job. Gov should switch green subsidies into […]

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From Illinois — Dr. Paul Schomer Presentation “Effects of Wind Turbine Acoustic Emissions” Available on Request

Please read the following letter advising how to get a copy of Dr. Schomer’s power point presentation.  Do NOT contact Quixotes.  Follow the directions below and if you have difficulty, please leave a comment.  Thanks — DQ ****************************************************************** This past Tuesday evening, June 23rd, renowned noise expert, Dr. Paul Schomer presented a power point entitled […]

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Is EPA Helping Green Groups Raise Funds in Exchange for Favorable Research?

Kevin Mooney — The Daily Signal — June 21, 2015 On first glance, this is a rather routine story in the environmental policy wars. A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change said researchers had found that if rules being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon emissions were enacted, it would […]

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Scotland: Excellent News Video on the Ending of Onshore Wind Subsidies

Scotland has decided to end onshore wind subsidies. The clip is 18 minutes long but the issues addressed in this news clip are identical to those seen in every other community and country around the world that has plunged into the wind nightmare. Interesting to listen to the argument about whether local communities should have […]

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AGW skeptics reveal fudging of temperature data at 10th International Conference on Climate Change

WND Politics — June 15, 2015 The entire purpose of global-warming alarmism is to consolidate more power and control in the federal government, according to former Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. “I find it very convenient that the politicians who would seize power from the people and heavily regulate businesses on the threat of ill-defined climate […]

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Difficult to invest in green energy in Canada without Big Oil

 “it is the traditional oil and gas companies that are constructing much of the green energy projects in the country.”   Next time you see someone protesting Tim Horton’s to get rid of Enbridge ads, point them to this article. — DQ Divestiture movement continues as organizations clean carbon holdings from portfolios Kyle Bakx — […]

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James Delingpole — — June 5, 2015 Probably the fact that there has now been no “global warming” for 18 years and six months. Not only does this contradict all the doomladen climate models cited in the IPCC’s various reports – none of them predicted the so-called “Pause” – but it also means that […]

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Has NOAA ‘busted’ the pause in global warming?

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:
by Judith Curry A new blockbuster paper published today by NOAA: These results do not support the notion of a “slowdown” in the increase of global surface temperature.   Color me ‘unconvinced.’ Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus Thomas R. Karl, Anthony Arguez, Boyin…

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Climate Scientists “Suddenly” Realize that They’ve “MIS-MEASURED” Temperatures Since 1998…It’s Actually Hotter!!!

Climate Alarmists now have a new explanation for the pause in Global Warming since 1998.  They “mis-measured” the temperatures and it’s actually been getting hotter than first thought.  When you’ve stopped laughing and cleaned up the coffee that you just spewed all over your keyboard, ask yourself this.  If they “mis-measured” the temps how can […]

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Global Warming Continues to Pummel Polar Ice Caps By NOT Causing Them to Melt

Matt Vespa — — May 24, 2015 As I’ve written previously, we’ve experienced the calmest Hurricane season in 30 years, the quietest tornado season in 60 years; the creation of 19,000 Manhattan islands worth of sea ice, and (again) the Arctic Ice Cap has grown by 533,000 square miles. In 2007, the BBC warned […]

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Wind turbine construction could permanently damage hearing… Of harbour seals

Shona Gossip — Aberdeen Journals Ltd. (UK) — May 20, 2015 Noise from the construction of offshore wind turbines could be damaging the hearing of harbour seals, according to new research published today. Scientists at St Andrews University say noise from the pile driving process could affect the marine mammals’ ability to find food or […]

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German doctors push to halt building of wind turbines

Graham Lloyd — The Australian — May 21, 2015 The “parliament” of Germany’s medical profession has called on its leaders to support a halt to further wind farm developments near housing until more research has been undertaken into the possible health impacts of low-frequency noise from wind turbines. The issue was debated at the German […]

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The effect of wind turbine noise on sleep and quality of life: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies

From Science Direct — Environment International — Volume 82 – September 2015 Igho J. Onakpoyaa and Carl J. Heneghana — University of Oxford, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, New Radcliffe House, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Oxford OX2 6GG, United Kingdom Jack O’Sullivan –Department of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University, Gold Coast, […]

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Turkey: 50 industrial Wind Turbines Stopped by Courts

Thanks to G. Schmalz for this item Click here to read article in pdf format:  50 operating wind turbines stopped by the court

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Coal casts cloud over Germany’s energy revolution

Germany cut emissions and boosted renewables last year, but critics say CO2 reduction targets can’t be met unless it closes coal-burning power stations. Tenner Weithoner —  BERLIN, 20 January 2015 − The energy market in Germany saw a spectacular change last year as renewable energy became the major source of its electricity supply − leaving […]

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