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And now. A little Easter morning humour.

  Hope everyone has a safe and peaceful Easter holiday.

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It’s The Global, Stupid

Originally posted on Real Science:
During a cold* year, the US and Canada are a tiny portion of globe – and are irrelevant to climate experts. It is about “global” warming after all, or perhaps just Australian warming. But mention “global” sea ice area, and the same people insist that Antarctica doesn’t count. * During…

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Wind Concerns asks Ombudsman to investigate wind power approvals

Originally posted on Mothers Against Wind Turbines :
NEWS RELEASE April 14, 2014 Wind Concerns asks Ombudsman to investigate wind power approvals Wind Concerns Ontario, the coalition of individuals and community groups concerned about the impact of large-scale wind power projects, sent a letter to Ombudsman of Ontario, requesting an investigation of aspects of the approval…

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Grey Highlands (Ontario): New Battle Against Wind Turbines

Kevin Bernard — Bayshore Broadcasting News — April 14, 2014 Working Group wants wind developers to take into account wind concerns Grey Highlands Council will consider a bylaw on Monday to freeze any new permits for construction of industrial wind turbines in the municipality. It is part of the regular council meeting which begins at […]

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Wind Energy — Free and Clean? Actual World Data Proves Otherwise

High numbers of wind turbines equals the highest electricity rates. Tip of the hat to the Galileo Movement for this chart. This chart uses data from 2011.  Ontario, which has seen several rate hikes since then is not on this chart, but is lumped in with the rest of Canada.  However, we  know that Ontario (the […]

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For Newbies to Industrial Wind Turbines

I’ve started a new category to introduce people who are just starting to learn about wind turbines and their effects on our world, our environment, our ecology and on wildlife and people. We have over 2,200 articles of information on Quixotes, which can be very daunting to anyone.  So to make things easier, I’ve added […]

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The Electricity System in Ontario is shattered for the next several decades

Originally posted on Mothers Against Wind Turbines:
Confused about how we still owe billions on our Hydro Debt? … here’s what the Government doesn’t want you to know!!!!! Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized 1 WHY isn’t that debt paid off? Parker Gallant tells you why One of the issues that came up during last week’s cross-Province…

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How much wind will a windmill mill if a windmill only uses wind?

Greg Fraunfelter asked that question in the Columbus Dispatch today.  And it’s a good question.  Far more complex than it seems on the surface. For ourselves, we have noticed at times that the turbines in our area will be spinning away on days when there’s not a breath of wind anywhere.  Leaves on the highest branches of a […]

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Sigh ……. How Much Further Could We Be Advanced If Not For Wasting Our Money, Intellect, and Time On Whirligigs And Suncatchers?

Originally posted on suyts space:
So there’s a shocking new development by the US Navy!!! It’s weird, but, it turns out our oceans contain all the elements needed to make a hydrocarbon fuel!!!! I know!!! Crazy, right? U.S. Navy Has Found A Way To Turn Seawater Into Fuel Scientists with the United States Navy say…

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Netherlands Opening Three New Coal Fired Power Plants

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
By Paul Homewood h/t Alex Henney E.ON Benelux power station Maasvlakte, Rotterdam As well as the tranche of new coal fired power stations being opened in Germany this year, Alex Henney alerts me to a similar situation in the Netherlands, where three more…

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Tony Thomas: Climate Catastrophism For Kiddies

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:
Guest post from Tony Thomas following up the GWPF story from yesterday about the degree to which schoolchildren are being propagandised by climate activist material and teaching practice.  Climate Catastrophism For Kiddies by Tony Thomas 9-4-14 Get ‘em young and fill their heads with warmist propaganda — that seems to…

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Ontario’s Poor Fiscal Management and Staggering Debt is Dragging Down the Rest of the Country

Jack Mintz — Financial Post — April 8, 2014 Ontario’s growth has lagged the rest of Canada, averaging less than 1% annually since 2009 With Quebec’s election over, we can turn to Ontario where a scandal-plagued Liberal government will soon present its 2014 budget – and possibly trigger a spring election. Ontario is sagging under […]

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New paper from Dr Salt: time to work to eliminate this problem of Wind turbine infrasound

Originally posted on WIND CONCERNS ONTARIO: On Wordpress:
A new paper from Dr Alec Salt, Professor of Otolaryngology at Washington University, on infrasound produced by large-scale wind turbines, long-term effects of exposure to infrasound, and the quality of noise measurement being used by governments and industry. His conclusion is that: the time has come to…

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Samsung project “dead” in Southgate

Originally posted on OttawaWindConcerns:
Mayor says there were too many “issues” and not enough municipal control. Samsung’s proposed agreement demanded all building permits, access to roads and virtually everything they needed, in return for payments of $180,000 per year for the wind power project. Each of the 56 turbines would have netted Samsung $775,000 per…

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Climate is historical.

Originally posted on windfarmaction:
Fourier Analysis reveals six natural cycles driving temperatures, no man-made effect: predicts cooling from Joanne Nova’s Blog  site. Lüdecke, Hempelmann, and Weiss found that the temperature variation can be explained with six superimposed natural cycles. With only six cycles they can closely recreate the 240 year central European thermometer record. There is…

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