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Urban Ontarians Get Upset as Industrial Wind Turbines Creep a Little Too Close to THEIR Homes

Brian Cross — Windsor Star – September 27, 2014 A plan to erect as many as 65 giant wind turbines is generating fierce opposition, because the map for possible locations butts up to the urban and suburban areas of Belle River and Puce where most Lakeshore residents live. “It is a huge concern of mine, […]

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Clean Energy’s Dirty Secret: They are Ineffective at Displacing CO2 Emissions

Rupert Darwall — National Review — September 22, 2014 Renewable energy has become a potent rallying cry uniting Hollywood and the Beltway. “We can move our economy town by town, state by state to renewable energy and a sustainable future,” Leonardo DiCaprio says in his eight-minute climate movie Carbon, released in August. In his fiscal-showdown […]

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More Pictures Tweeted from New York of The Massive Amounts of Trash Left Behind by the Climate Marchers

Thanks to everyone who tweeted out these pictures of the thousands of styrofoam containers, plastic bottles, uneaten food, styrofoam coffee cups, discarded signs and just general trash that was left behind on the streets of New York last Sunday, by those Climate Change marchers who care so much about the environment and the planet. Back in […]

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Margaret Atwood, Elizabeth May, Naomi Klein: Climate handmaids fail—to tell the truth

Originally posted on FAUXGREEN:
Perpetuating the massive deception of a planetary climate emergency It goes without saying that most rational people with a reasonable amount of common sense worry about pollution and want to keep our environment healthy and habitable. So why do the radical environmentalists and the man-made climate change/anthropogenic global warming (AGW) alarmist crowd choose to outright lie about the…

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Wind farms: corrupt research

Originally posted on World Council for Nature:
Biology professor blows the whistle on wind farms The biggest danger: corrupt research Infrasound and other problems recognized In an interview published in Truthout, Dr Patricia Mora casts doubts about the way in which environmental studies are conducted. “What happens is absolute corruption. I have to admit that generally…

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The Twitter Chainsaw Massacre.

Originally posted on Pointman's:
I think Da Mann is having a bad week. First off, all those greenies who were pushing him to the front and encouraging him to sue the ass off Mark Steyn and others for millions appear reluctant to support him the closer the hearing date gets. Not one amicus brief…

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Danish Homeowner Successfully Sues Vestas for Spoiling View and Loss of Property Value

David Atherton — — Sept. 12, 2014 Europe’s troubled wind turbine industry has a new predicament, with a householder in Denmark successfully suing Vestas, a Danish wind turbine manufacturer. Vestas was sued by the householder with the help of International Law Office and awarded 500,000 Danish kroner (£53,000) in compensation for the loss of […]

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Europes Insane Dash for Green Energy is Leading to Industrial Massacre

Brussels fears European ‘industrial massacre’ sparked by energy costs Europe’s industry is being ravaged by exorbitant energy costs and an over-valued euro, blighting efforts to reverse years of global manufacturing decline. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard — The Telegraph — Sept 8, 2014 “We face a systemic industrial massacre,” said Antonio Tajani, the European industry commissioner. Mr Tajani […]

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The Global Warming Scam Was Explained Almost 20 Years Ago

Originally posted on Real Science:
Bookmark this classic 1995 article in the Canberra Times. This guy had the entire scam nailed from day one. To conclude that CO2 emissions are a threat to the environment would be doubtful and premature. Only a closer examination of the atmosphere over a long period and further detailed studies will…

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From N.A. Windpower — How Clean is the Oil in Your Turbine?

(Editor’s Note:  Just an information piece for those of us who want to remind the supporters of “clean wind energy” just how “clean” turbines are and that they actually use quite a lot of *gasp* evil oil.  This is a long article, so probably only the engineers among us could get through the whole thing.  I […]

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A Future Powered by Fusion Draws a Little Closer

Roger Highfield — Newsweek — August 2014 Within the next 50 years, scientists will build a fusion power plant to harness the same processes that make the sun shine. The moment this star winks on, everything will change. Of course, that’s also what Cold War scientists said half a century ago when, after the uncontrolled […]

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Interesting Article about How We’re all Being Manipulated No Matter Which Side of the AGW Debate You Fall On

“The Environmental Defense Fund, which says it “work[s] with companies rather than against them” and which is calling on its members to join the march, has funding from the oil and gas industry and supports fracking as a form of alternative energy. These faux environmental organizations are designed to neutralize resistance.” (Editor’s Note:  No matter […]

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Another Anti-wind Site to Add to our Burgeoning List

Drop by and take a look. Wind Turbine Wildlife Hell

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Mike Barnard

Originally posted on nomoreliesblog:
Bullying a windfarm victim In an article of August 22, 2014 by Lindsay Abrams, trying to discredit the claims of wind farm victims, we read: “Since 1998, 49 lawsuits in five countries have alleged that the clean energy source [wind farms] is making people sick. But according to new research published…

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UK: As the Tide Turns on Wind Farms, What is Causing this Wind of Change?

Brian Daniel — The Journal — August 27, 2014 A growing number of wind farm proposals in Northumberland are being refused amid an apparent turning of the tide You don’t have to go back too far to a time when you couldn’t open The Journal without reading about residents Northumberland begging for mercy from an […]

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