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Wynne Claims the Goderich Area is One of Her Favourite Vacation Spots. Election Rhetoric in Full Swing.

Does this sound like someone who is trying to suck up to the people around Goderich who are furious over the wind turbine assault on their quality of life?  I’m really surprised she didn’t say, “The Chatham-Kent Wind Farms.” Reading over this list, why do I get the feeling that Wynne had absolutely nothing to do […]

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Hold on to your wallet — Ontario Hydro Rates to go up Again on May 1st.

Ontario Energy Board approves rate hike of about 3 dollars a month per home… Dave Bradley — Newstalk 1010 — April 16, 2014 Be prepared; your hydro bill is on the way up. The Ontario Energy Board approved the rate increase of 2.4%, which works out to about 3 dollars per month for the average […]

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Ontario’s Poor Fiscal Management and Staggering Debt is Dragging Down the Rest of the Country

Jack Mintz — Financial Post — April 8, 2014 Ontario’s growth has lagged the rest of Canada, averaging less than 1% annually since 2009 With Quebec’s election over, we can turn to Ontario where a scandal-plagued Liberal government will soon present its 2014 budget – and possibly trigger a spring election. Ontario is sagging under […]

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Ontario to Follow Germany in Renewable Energy Failure

Brady Yauch — Energy Probe — March 21, 2014 Germany has been experimenting with its renewable energy law for 14 years and is now highlighting its failures. Ontario, which copied that law, will likely do the same.  Ontario passed the Green Energy Act in 2009 in a bid to create a thriving renewable energy sector […]

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Poster of the Week: Ontarians fleeing a sinking ship

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European Governments ripping up renewable contracts. Why can’t Ontario?

Brady Yauch — Financial Post — Maruch 18, 2014 Companies ‘do not have a right [to expect the compensation] not to be changed’ Governments across Europe, regretting the over-generous deals doled out to the renewable energy sector, have begun reneging on them. To slow ruinous power bills hikes, governments are unilaterally rewriting contracts and clawing […]

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Revealing article from the Alternate Energy Mag clearly demonstrates their unreliability

Paragraph to note:  “As for the significant decline in solar output, we’re looking for a good answer,” he adds. “The solar PV system on my house produced 5.6% less electricity in 2013 because of the weather, but the massive installation of solar panels in Ontario and elsewhere should have been sufficient to offset any decline […]

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Wind industry becoming more arrogant and aggressive

In Ontario, there’s a case of a wind company that has placed it’s turbines too close to homes, in violation of the GEA (Green Energy Act) setback regulations.  Residents are now fighting to force the wind company to take them down.  See article here. Meanwhile, over in Australia, residents are battling similar aggression by an […]

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Ontario: 80th municipality declares itself unwilling to host wind turbines

John Miner — London Free Press — March 15, 2014 The anti-wind farm movement has notched up another win in its battle to stop industrial wind turbines from spreading across the province. After surveying its residents, Dutton-Dunwich council became the 80th municipality in Ontario to pass a resolution opposing wind turbine development on their turf. […]

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Video: YOUR Billion — the Gas Plant Scandal that cannot be forgotten

Thanks to M. Taylor for the find. We canNOT let these corrupt Liberals think we have forgotten.  

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Hundreds of business owners across Ontario petition Wynne Liberals to “stop the lies”

(Editor’s Note:  You know your government has gone just about as low as it can go, when people start petitioning them to stop lying, as evidenced by this next article.  Not about wind, but the message is the same. — DQ) Business owners in 57 towns and cities across Ontario have petitioned the Ontario Liberals […]

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Wind Energy Program Costing Ontario Billions and is added to our already staggering debt

James Murray — Net News Ledger — March 5, 2014 THUNDER BAY – EDITORIAL - Ontario has embraced ‘green energy’. At the Lakehead University sponsored Research Matters event at Fort William Historical Park the audience was told that Ontario is not getting their ‘Bang for the Buck’ from the provincial network of wind turbines. While the […]

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Ontario: Turbine appellant concerned about drinking water safety

Patrick Bales — The Post — February 27, 2014 WEST GREY - A West Grey man is appealing to the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) to overturn approval for a wind turbine project near Priceville. Leonard Van Den Bosch of the former Glenelg Township has appealed the MOE decision to the Environmental Review Tribunal. In January, the […]

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Ontario: Chiarelli — We won’t spend more money on nuclear right now because we have an energy surplus!!

(The idiot Liberals won’t spend any more money on nuclear right now because we have an energy surplus, but we’re still spending billions on useless wind turbines. — DQ) Ontario remains committed to nuclear power, Bob Chiarelli says Ian MacLeod — Ottawa Citizen — February 28, 2014 The shelving of $15 billion worth of new […]

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Everybody in the world is wrong except — Wind developers

Wrong to Assume Rick Conroy — Wellington Times — February 26, 2014 The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists are wrong. Ontario Nature. Nature Canada. Both wrong. Dr. Robert McMurtry is wrong. The South Shore Conservancy is wrong. So too is the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory. Alvar, bird, butterfly, turtle and bat experts are all […]

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