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Mike Crawley & FIT Contracts — Liberal Corruption Making Millions

Tip o’ the hat to Robert Stocki for this find.  It really is time to bring every one of these corrupt Liberal thugs to justice.  Forget the OPP, it’s way too big for that.  We need a full-scale RCMP criminal investigation into the underhanded, unethical and amoral dealings of the Liberal Party. Lowell Green from […]

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You Know How We Pay Wind Companies NOT to Produce Power???

From No Tricks Zone – P. Gosselin — March 28, 2014 Stunning Absurdity From Germany’s Energy Feed-In Act…Wind-Park Operators Earn Most When Turbines Are Idle! By P Gosselin on 28. März 2014 Rudolf Kipp at the skeptical website Science Skeptical here writes about one of the incredible (but very real) absurdities of Germany’s “EEG” renewable […]

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More Lies My Wind Rep Told Us — Wind Energy Saved Us During the Polar Vortex

(If you will recall during the Polar Vortex this past winter, the wind industry was out front claiming that their wind turbines saved most of North America, but especially Texas, from blackouts and freezing in the dark.  See here, here and here.  It’s never hard to prove these people lie on a regular basis, so […]

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How Wind and Solar Energy Places Extreme Hardship on the World’s Poorest

Tip o’ the hat to M. K. Barton The Poverty of Renewables Bjørn Lomborg — Project Syndicate — March 17, 2014 According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “Climate change harms the poor first and worst.” This is true, because the poor are the most vulnerable and have the least resources with which to adapt. But we often […]

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Revealing article from the Alternate Energy Mag clearly demonstrates their unreliability

Paragraph to note:  “As for the significant decline in solar output, we’re looking for a good answer,” he adds. “The solar PV system on my house produced 5.6% less electricity in 2013 because of the weather, but the massive installation of solar panels in Ontario and elsewhere should have been sufficient to offset any decline […]

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Wind farms gone wild: Is the environmental damage justified?

(Editor’s Note:  This is a very long article.  Best to grab a coffee or tea and settle in for a very good read.  Thanks to West Tyrone Against Wind Turbines for this!!  It should be read by every politician on the planet who buys into the lies and propaganda of the wind lobbyists. — DQ) […]

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Tim Hudak to Wynne: End Unaffordable Wind and Solar Subsidies NOW!

Kathleen Wynne must end Dalton McGuinty’s unaffordable wind and solar subsidies, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak said today. “These unaffordable subsidies have caused incredible damage to the energy sector, to our economy, and to hope in the province of Ontario. And that’s why I’m calling on Premier Wynne today, to end this madness, and bring […]

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Wind energy in decline worldwide as countries encounter skyrocketing electricity prices with little benefit.

Renewable energy in decline, less than 1% of global energy Steve Gorham — Communities Digital News — March 3, 2014 CHICAGO, February 28, 2014 - The global energy outlook has changed radically in just six years. President Obama was elected in 2008 by voters who believed we were running out of oil and gas, that climate […]

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Wind Industry Study: Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Largest Wind Power States (Just like in Ontario)

James Taylor — Forbes — February 27, 2014 A newly published paper by the American Wind Energy Association illustrates that electricity prices are rising more than four times the national average in nine of the 11 states with the most wind power consumption. In Texas, the only one of the 11 states with significantly declining electricity prices, […]

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Lies My Green Energy Rep Told Me

The article posted below on Mindscape Innovations by Derek Satnik is just another example of the outright lies and misleading information put forth by anyone connected with green (greed) energy. Lie #1:  It has created 20,000 local jobs Lie #2:  Ontario has to import energy on a regular basis from the States and neighbouring provinces Lie […]

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23 Texas Wind Farm Hosts sue over noise and nuisance

The Acoustic Ecology Institute — January 30, 2014 In what may be an unprecedented move, 23 Texans who host wind turbines on their property have filed suit against two different wind farm developers, claiming that companies “carelessly and negligently failed to adequately disclose the true nature and effects that the wind turbines would have on the community, […]

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10 Big Problems With Wind And Solar Energy

Gail Tverberg — Business Insider — January 22, 2014 Intermittent renewables–wind and solar photovoltaic panels–have been hailed as an answer to all our energy problems. Certainly, politicians need something to provide hope, especially in countries that are obviously losing their supply of oil, such as the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the more I look into the […]

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Ontarians getting the worst value on earth from its wind energy contracts

Scott Luft — Cold Air Currents — January 18, 2014 Some fresh material provides an opportunity to revisit the reasons wind energy is bad for my province.  Bjorn Lomborg has an interesting post up on Facebook today. “Here is an overview of the total support paid in US cents per kWh for wind. On average, the cost […]

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Huge blow to wind industry — boost for nuclear power as EU shuns wind farm target

Ben Webster — The Times (UK) — January 11, 2014 Britain will be free to generate more of its energy from nuclear power and build fewer wind and solar farms after the European Commission rejected calls for a legally binding renewable energy target for 2030. The Commission has accepted Britain’s argument that EU member states […]

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Wind power fraud: It’s unsustainable and a total waste of resources.

“Wind power facilities will consume more than 3 times the energy they will ever produce.” Charles S. Opalek, PE. — June 2012 Why Wind Won’t Work (To order copy of book see details at bottom of article) Everyone believes alternative energies are the answer to all our power problems, with wind power leading the way.  The truth […]

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