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O.T. — A Snowflake has a Meltdown

I’m straying from the usual today, because I just feel this needs to be showcased.   Political correctness and Social Justice Warriors (SJW) have gone way too far in this country and it’s time to swing that pendulum back to a time of reason, logic, common sense, and most importantly — sanity. Global News and […]

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What does the Delivery Charge on Hydro bills pay for?

According to the 2011 census, there were 4,887,510 private households in Ontario. Let’s say each home pays a $50 per month delivery charge on their electric bill.  I’m using $50 as the base amount because people in condos probably don’t pay that much, while rural residents pay $75 and in many cases  upwards of $100 per month.  So […]

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Correlation, Causation and Confusion

(Although this article discusses correlation and causation in terms of medical research, it can also be used for the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming, since we often hear these two words bandied about whenever the topic arises. — DQ) ************************************ Nick Barrowman — The New Atlantis (A Journal of Technology & Society) Causation has long […]

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The Day Ontario Died (again)

Originally posted July 2014.  In light of Wynne’s Throne Speech today, we thought it appropriate to repost this song as more Ontarians hit the road for greener (much greener) pastures.  We went to New Brunswick and we encourage anyone who can, to come on out and join us.  There is a Canada outside of that […]

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Wind: An Important Forgotten or Ignored Weather Variable

Dr. Tim Ball — Watts Up With That — Sept. 10, 2016 “Every wind has its weather.” English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon (1561 –1621) What happens if the global average wind speed changes by one kilometer per hour? A great deal, including the rate of evaporation from the surface, a major mechanism of energy transfers […]

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Climate Change explained in a way, even a child can understand it.

Click on the link to watch video of Professor Ian Plimer explaining Climate Change to the U.K. government.  He is the author of Heaven and Earth, Global Warming: The Missing Science Youtube link:  Climate Change Explained by Geologist

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Environmentalism Is A Religion

Thanks to C. Berg for this article.  I have been saying for years that the true science deniers are the faithful members of the Church of Global Warming. It follows the template of almost all organized religions throughout history. Built on fearmongering, apocalyptic forecasts, doom and gloom, sin, guilt, shame, penance, tithing (carbon taxes), blind […]

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Too much of a good thing — how Ontario’s Liberals bungled the green energy file

Jon W. Kieran — National Post — September 2, 2016 Ontario set an all-time peak electricity demand of 27,005 megawatts (MW) 10 years ago this summer. At the time, rising demand and plans to retire its coal-fired power plants dominated provincial energy policy. What followed was optimism for a new energy policy, focused on the […]

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Climate Alarmism: Probably the Greatest Hoax/Scam in World History

From the viewpoint of a skeptical former Sierra Club activist and USEPA senior analyst Aug. 19, 2016 – Alan Carlin Climate alarmism is probably the greatest hoax/scam in world history. The main evidence for catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW), the principal alleged adverse effect of human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), is climate models built […]

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OPP investigating allegations that Ontario government officials illegally destroyed wind farm documents

David Reevely — Ottawa  Citizen — May 4, 2016 The Ontario Provincial Police has launched another investigation into allegations that provincial government officials illegally destroyed documents concerning an aborted contract to supply electricity to the provincial grid. This time, it’s a green-energy contract with a company that builds wind farms. A previous investigation into the […]

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Canadian Researchers now argue that slowdown in warming was real.

From the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis — Global warming ‘hiatus’ debate flares up again. (Not sure how long it will be before Trudeau muzzles these dissenting scientists. — LG) Jeff Tollefson — February 24, 2016 — Nature The latest salvo in an ongoing row over global-warming trends claims that warming has indeed slowed down […]

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Trudeau Finishes What His Dad Started — Selling off our Gold Reserves

While we accumulated mass reserves of gold up until the reign of Pierre Trudeau, our supply has been reduced to pre-1900’s numbers, thanks in large part to the Liberals.  The chart below shows that the largest sell offs were during the Trudeau Sr. and Chretien years. CBC reports that Justin has nearly finished depleting our […]

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Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy

A quick easy-to-understand lesson.

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Measuring global temperatures: Satellites or thermometers?

Dr. Roy Spencer — CFact — January 26, 2016 The University of Alabama in Huntsville The official global temperature numbers are in, and NOAA and NASA have decided that 2015 was the warmest year on record. Based mostly upon surface thermometers, the official pronouncement ignores the other two primary ways of measuring global air temperatures, satellites […]

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We all know…It wasn’t just one 1970 TIME news article that preached a coming ice age

From DenisDutton.com Here is the text of Newsweek’s 1975 story on the trend toward global cooling. It may look foolish today, but in fact world temperatures had been falling since about 1940. It was around 1979 that they reversed direction and resumed the general rise that had begun in the 1880s, bringing us today back […]

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