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In My Dreams….Taking One with Me

Do all of you remember that scene from the movie “Tremors”, at the end when Burt (played by Michael Gross) says that if it comes to it, he’s going to walk out amongst the graboids and let them take him down while holding onto a stick of dynamite?

Well, that’s the point I’ve come to when it comes to these cursed blights on our land called wind turbines.  The deluded think this is all for ‘saving the planet’.   Those of us who are — let’s say it — SMARTER, older and wiser, know that it is ALL about the money that these big wind corporations (some of them owned by oil companies, but the libs don’t get that part) are making.

Judging by how stupid our government is acting on this topic…i.e. not listening to the cries of desperation coming from people who have to live near these wind farms and are becoming sick, not caring that the province is losing money faster than the Titanic sank, and not caring that rural Ontario is becoming a turbine wasteland, I’m guessing that there’s an awful lot of kickback going on behind the scenes as well.

So when I hear that this is all for the good of the planet and for renewable energy sources, I know without doubt that it’s complete bullshit.  Nothing in this world speaks as loudly as money.  That’s always been the case and always will be.

Sick residents be damned.  There’s money in them thar hills of Ontario and it’s in the form of 400 to 600 ft. wind turbines.

Going back to Tremors, for my final act on this earth, I would love to be able to take a truck of dynamite and drive it straight at one of those damned monstrosities that are destroying our province and take it out with me.

This is Amherst Island.  Or what will be left of it when the wind companies are done raping it.

And this is the Chatham-Kent area of Southern Ontario.  462 f***ing turbines in a 100 km stretch.  They’re not all represented by the yellow pins because the person who put this together couldn’t jam that many pins in such a small space.  So it’s actually far worse than it looks in this picture.  Don’t anyone dare tell me THIS is for the good of the planet.

ALL of this land is being destroyed at the cost of BILLIONS of dollars for what….2.6% of the energy being put into the grid.  2.6% !!!!!   Doesn’t anyone living in Toronto see how insane this is, or has the air pollution down there just completely fried your brains?

I can’t think of a curse bad enough, that I would wish on McGuinty and his lapdog lemmings who allow this kind of destruction of our land to happen.  If Karma does exist, he will pay for this.  I only hope I live to see the day. — Donna Quixote

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