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Wind turbine critics question panel’s report on health impacts

Kyle Cheney — Feb. 14, 2012

Massachusetts residents insistent that the drone, flicker and vibration of land-based wind turbines can shatter the health of nearby communities invoked Tuesday the onset of the United States’ HIV/AIDS epidemic to reject a recent report debunking their claims.

Although an independent report commissioned by the Patrick administration concluded last month that wind turbines present little more than an “annoyance” to residents and that limited evidence exists to support claims of devastating health impacts, Falmouth and western Massachusetts residents argued that the report was biased, crafted in secret and based on “cherry-picked” information that ignored the real-world impact of turbines.

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Why is it that governments and self-interest groups like the CAW seem so hellbent on denying the health impacts of wind turbines?  The voices of those affected are growing exponentially.  Do they really think they can keep it quiet forever?  Why the coverup?  Gee, could it possibly be ….. MONEY???? — Donna Quixote

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