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Greater local voice in the wind for turbines in Ontario

Province willing to tweak controversial Green Energy Act

Deborah Van Brenk — London Free Press — February 29, 2012

As wind turbines multiply like rabbits across Ontario’s countryside, the provincial energy minister’s assurances of greater local voice over where they’re located is being met with a mixture of optimism and doubt.

“This is an opportunity for the democratization of energy,” said Kristopher Stevens, executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association that helped draft some aspects of the Green Energy Act.

That act is a foundation of the Liberal platform and encourages renewable energy sources and “green” manufacturing jobs.

But dozens of municipalities have expressed concerns over their inability to change provincial decisions about the best places locate wind turbines.

This week, Energy Minister Chris Bentley said that consultation process is also under review as the province examines how to tweak the Green Energy Act.

“We’re listening, and taking municipal concerns into account as we make thoughtful choices and move forward,” he told a conference of the Rural Ontario Municipalities’ Association.

Pressed to say if municipalities will be able to veto disputed projects, he said they’ll need to wait until changes come forward.

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2 Comments on “Greater local voice in the wind for turbines in Ontario”

  1. Clyde February 29, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    ” This is an opportunity for the democratization of energy ” said Kristopher Stevens.

    So what has it been up to this point?

  2. Donna Quixote March 1, 2012 at 6:47 am #

    A tyrannical bullying by the biggest kid in the schoolyard.

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