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Another great Pointman article — “The Climate Wars”

by Pointman on March 2, 2012

If you’ve ever fought someone much bigger and stronger than you, then you learn some lessons quickly or you perish. If you stand your ground, they’ll destroy you, because they’re just so much more powerful than you, so you give ground.

You’ve still got to fight them, so you jab at them as you give ground and go slowly backwards. That’s just tactics. Ground means nothing; it’s pinning and destroying your enemy in the end that’s important. Usually, they’re big bastards not used to people smaller than them standing up to them, so they go after you even harder. It’s a pride thing. You’re going to be made an example of and you know it. They’ve got pretty much everything in terms of advantages but you’ve got heart and mind and you want to survive, not win. That is a big difference. If you can just hang on in there, then you can maybe build from that position.

You have to stop thinking of it as a battle but just a part of a bigger campaign. Bullies do battles very well but campaigns very badly. This particular battle you’ve got no possibility of winning but neither are you going to lose it. The tactical objective is for it to be non-decisive. In strategic terms, you hope to win the campaign by not being exterminated in any particular battle of it. You begin to accept that you are going to have to take some bad beatings but that never means you’re giving up.

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One Comment on “Another great Pointman article — “The Climate Wars””

  1. Donna Quixote March 5, 2012 at 6:04 am #

    My favourite quote in this article: “Bullies do battles very well but campaigns very badly.”

    Lewenza and other CAW bullies should take note. The residents of Port Elgin are not giving up the campaign.

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