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Turbine Company Report States Each Blade Creates ONE Ton of Waste!!!

Wow, we’re shooting these myths out of the sky faster than I can post them. Special thanks to our viewer Scott who caught this one at the Greeley Gazette!!

Myth explosion number 33!

Vestas not so green after all

by Peter Grady — March 9, 2012

While the President is making a huge push for “green” energy over traditional methods such as gas and oil, a report from Danish wind turbine giant, Vestas, reveals the plant is not as “green” as everyone may think.

The facility in Windsor produces turbines and has been hailed as an example of the success of green energy programs. However, the company has released data indicating the plant may not be as successful as people may think.

In a report released by the company, it was revealed that over the last four quarters waste from the Windsor facility increased by 44.7 percent and produced 36 percent more toxic waste than in the previous quarter.

Of that waste, almost ¾ of it was sent to landfills in the state. The waste consists of fiberglass epoxy resin, plastic, fiberglass dust and other items.

A Vestas employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Gazette that he needs to shower every day prior to coming home to avoid harm to his children from the resins that get on his skin. The company has been cited by OSHA for violations related to chemicals used at the facility that have caused injury to employees.

The Greeley Report said an inside report indicates the plant produces approximately 40 blades per week with each blade generating 1 ton of waste.

Myth #33 — BUSTED!

Imagine! ONE TON OF WASTE PER BLADE!!! And that's BEFORE they're decommissioned.

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  1. Wind energy not only needs subsidies to stay alive, it also relies on outright lies. | Quixotes Last Stand - June 22, 2012

    […] But the pollution doesn’t stop there.  We’ve all read about the report from Vesta (turbine manufacturer) which states that one ton of toxic and hazardous waste is created during the production of every single turbine blade. (Read about report here). […]

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