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I’m Going to Use MY Points to Buy a New Toaster!!!

I’m so excited.   I don’t know about you, but I’m already planning on how to spend my new “points” that the McGuinty government is going to give us if we just stop giving them a rough time over their disastrous green energy policies.  That’s the carrot that the McGuinty goons are dangling in front of us now.    Patting us on the head saying, “Here’s your points.  Now go play.”

And of course, mainstream media, plays right into this, by PROCLAIMING that the Liberal buffoons (I can’t be kind about this) have made generous concessions to rural Ontario.  They really do believe that we’re as stupid as they think we are.

From the Ottawa Citizen:

Liberals to give communities greater say in wind farm decisions

TORONTO — Punished in last fall’s election, Ontario’s minority Liberal government responded to a groundswell of rural discontent over its green energy program Thursday by announcing changes that will allow municipalities a greater say in solar and wind farm decisions.

The changes also include a large drop in rates paid to homeowners and large developers looking to cash in on Ontario’s green rush.

Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley said the drop in rates will help ease the impact renewable energy is having on electricity bills.

Those bills are expected to jump by 50 per cent over the next five years. Roughly half the increase is attributable to green energy plans.

“These price decreases will help reduce that moderately,” Bentley said Thursday.

Thousands of already-approved contracts for higher rates will remain in place for their 20-year contract duration. Water, biomass, biogas and landfill gas rates all remain the same.

Lauded by some for its innovative and aggressive approach, Ontario’s green energy plan has drawn criticism in other quarters.


The Liberals lost seven key rural seats in that contest, including four belonging to cabinet ministers, on their way to winning a slim, 53-seat minority. The rural losses were largely attributed to provisions in its green energy act that stripped wind and solar siting decisions from municipalities.

The province said Wednesday it will introduce a point system for future projects that rewards municipal involvement.

Points will be awarded for those that pass a resolution in favour of the project. Large wind and solar projects that involve 50 or more property owners will receive extra points as well.

Bentley said there are no hard and fast thresholds for a project’s success in the new points system. He also failed to respond directly when asked what level of local opposition would kill a wind project.

“Let’s put it in the positive,” he said. “Those projects with community participation and municipal support will be more likely to proceed.”

Link to Lazy Mediocre Reporting by the Ottawa Citizen

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