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Will Dalton Blow Himself Away?

The Toronto Sun has McGuinty’s Greed Energy Act in its sights and is blasting him with full cannon shot over this erroneously named ‘green’ alternative energy source.

The pressure is heating up on all sides of Dalton, but none of us are foolish enough to believe or even think that he’s going to reverse his disastrous policies and the pain he’s inflicted on rural Ontario.

Bravo to the Sun.  Now if we can get the Star and the Citizen to STOP publishing misleading articles about the GEA and its success, we might actually stand a chance of educating the urbanites who still buy into this fiasco. — Donna Quixote

Saturday March 24 — Editorial in the Toronto Sun….

Will Dalton blow himself away?

Premier Dalton McGuinty keeps putting lipstick on the pig that is his green energy policy.

Last week, he announced small downward adjustments to future, 20-year Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contracts with green energy producers, that are driving up the cost of electricity for consumers.

But it’s too little, too late to avoid the economic and social disaster McGuinty has already inflicted.

Despite earlier musings he would give municipalities more say in where renewable energy projects go, McGuinty refused to remove the veto his Green Energy Act gives the province over local input into such decisions.

Instead, wind and solar projects that have community support will be fast-tracked, which doesn’t help the many rural communities which don’t want them because of health and environmental concerns.

This time, the Liberals claimed their renewable energy initiatives are adding 5% to hydro bills. When they introduced the program in 2009, they said it would add 1% to hydro bills annually.

A year later, they said renewable energy would be responsible for more than half (56%) of a 40% jump in electricity bills over five years.

So even they don’t take what they’re saying seriously anymore.

The Liberals also claim their renewable energy program is on track to create 50,000 new jobs, even though Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter reported last year most are temporary and international studies show renewable energy kills far more jobs than it creates because it increases electricity prices.

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