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South Africa — Wind farms may well be another ‘bubble’ that is doomed to burst

Terry Mackenzie-hoy — Engineering Online — April 6, 2012 No, I am not going to write about the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research again. This article is all about what is happening with wind farms or, more correctly, who is doing what with which and to who. Or whom. Currently, there are 56 applications […]

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Jobs trumps green energy: Fort council

James Culic — Niagara this Week — April 5, 2012 Employment should be Region’s priority Council endorsed the latest draft plan of the Niagara Gateway Community Improvement Plan handed down by the Region on Monday, but councillors had a few recommendations of their own they’d like to see added. “Frankly I could care less if […]

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Ontario’s Power Trip: The great electricity bill cover-up

Sharp — Financial Post — April 4, 2012 Ontarians will pay $319 more per year for green energy soon — despite government denials he Ontario green-energy ship is taking on water and yet one would never know it from how the captain is talking. On March 22, the provincial government announced the results of its […]

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Wind turbine overrun

The Morrisburg Leader — April 4, 2012 What is a “wind farm” exactly? The term sounds rather harmless, doesn’t it? Does it make you picture the colourful cartoon-sized windmills of yesterday? If that’s true, you’re probably in for a horrifying surprise. The industrial wind turbines being erected all over Ontario do not come anywhere close to […]

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Charles Adler — Green Dust in the Wind

Thank you Mr. Adler. We’re in your debt. Unlike the deafening silence heard from mainstream media, you’re our voice. We’re extremely grateful.

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Wind Turbines and their effects on Autistic Individuals

As the mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome (a higher functioning form of Autism), I have taken a special interest in how wind turbines can affect those who deal with this disorder, especially children.  Although Matthew, my son, is now 30 years old, I know he is still highly sensitive to sounds that the rest of us […]

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From OWR — Bill 55 paves the way for environmental destruction

Tip of the Hat to Ontario Wind Resistance — Aside from many other reasons to reject the budget, this amendment appears is not on the general public’s radar and is a huge concern.  Bill 55 amends 69 different statutes in its schedules. Many environmentally significant laws that are administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources […]

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Letter to the Editor by Barb Ashbee

Kemptville EMC – April 5, 2012 Dear Editor: Rural Ontarians are fully aware of the negative impacts wind turbines and substations are having on families, animals, birds and the environment. This was demonstrated loud and clear in the fall election by voting out many prominent Liberal MPPs including the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister […]

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