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McGuinty Claims to have Municipalities who Desire Turbines

If Dalton McGuinty truly has a list of municipalities who would love to have turbines installed in their areas, this naturally begs the question, “then why is he shoving these industrial monsters down the throats of people who DON’T want them?”  Is this man capable of ever telling the truth?  I highly doubt it.  He and CAW president Ken Lewenza are perfect bedfellows. — Donna Quixote

Hold your horses: Ontario premier

Jason Miller — The Intelligencer — April 14, 2012

Ontario’s premier is introducing a points system to identify rural communities who welcome renewable energy installations like wind turbines. He adds that he will not sacrifice health care or full-day kindergarten for horse racing.

The new wind turbine program will be key to circumventing the angst of factions in areas like Prince Edward County who have vehemently opposed the implementation of wind turbines in their community, Premier Dalton McGuinty said, during an exclusive visit to the Intelligencer Friday.

Shaving off spending in education and health care were two of the other pivotal issues addressed by the premier during his visit to tout the Liberals plan to eliminate a surging deficit.

With health care costs soaring to about $3 billion annually partly because of respiratory illnesses linked to pollution, McGuinty remains committed to investing in renewable energy as a measure to curb those expenditures.

Communities who express a favourable demand for renewable energy will be awarded the bulk of contracts under the new points system, that would place communities without majority support like the county at the “back of the line.”

“I’ve got all kinds of communities that want them,” he said. “I don’t need the headaches that are associated with them going into communities that don’t want them.”

Link to full article in The Intelligencer  

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