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CAW Brass safely behind enemy lines

***VIDEOS*** — Dale Goldhawk Speaks out about CAW Turbine

Guest speaker, Dale Goldhawk, speaks out about the CAW wind turbine in Port Elgin Dale Goldawk addresses the crowds after the Port Elgin protest parade on April 14, 2012

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Greg Schmalz « Goldhawk Fights Back

Dale Goldhawk (740 radio) discusses the CAW wind turbine located at their FEC facility in Port Elgin, with Greg Schmalz of S.T.O.P. on April 12, 2012 Click the link to listen:  Greg Schmalz « Goldhawk Fights Back.

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Lisa Thompson « Goldhawk Fights Back

Dale Goldhawk (740 radio) discusses the Port Elgin CAW wind turbine and wind turbines in general with MPP Lisa Thompson on Friday April 13, 2012. Click the link to listen:    Lisa Thompson « Goldhawk Fights Back.

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No respect for taxpayers in the budget

Todd Smith, MPP Hastings-Prince Edward — The Intelligencer — April 16, 2012 In Ontario, right now, we’re looking at a budget that is bad for taxpayers, bad for business and bad for the province. Like most things Dalton McGuinty has said since becoming premier, what was said about the budget to The Intelligencer on Friday […]

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Bulgaria — New rules stop green energy boom

April 16, 2012 Investors in renewable energy will have to reconsider their business plans after the amendments to the Law on Energy from Renewable Sources entered into force, changing drastically the rules for adding green capacities to the electricity distribution network and obscuring deadlines for that, Capital Daily informs. In fact the changes will significantly […]

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Mad World of Living near industrial wind turbines in Ontario

If you have problems getting this video to play, go to YouTube and type in Mad World of Wind Turbines.

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Huron East expresses concern with ice throw, transmission line route

Susan Hundertmark — The Mitchell Advocate — April 16, 2012 Council writes letter after reviewing construction and design reports from St. Columban Energy Concerns about industrial wind turbine setbacks, ice throw and the proposed route for the transmission line will be included in a letter from Huron East council to St. Columban Energy LP, council […]

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U.K. — R.I.P. wind power: Minister blows away plans for more turbines

Everyone off the gravy train Andrew Orlowski — The Register — April 16, 2012 It looks as though the wind energy boom is over. UK energy minister Greg Barker has hinted at a significant change in government strategy – cutting subsidies for the deployment and operation of environmentalists’ favoured technologies. The climate change minister hinted […]

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Bill 55 allows foreign companies to kill Ontario’s endangered species

ONTARIO’S ENDANGERED SPECIES THREATENED BY WIND  TURBINES  The  amendments hidden in the government’s budget bill will allow the Minister to  grant exemptions from the provincial legislation protecting endangered species  which presently prohibits anyone from harming, killing, or destroying the  habitat of a threatened species. The  Minister will now be able to excuse from prosecution under […]

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The agony of David Suzuki

Margaret Wente — Globe and Mail — April 14, 2012 David Suzuki should be a happy man. As Canada’s patron saint of the environmental movement, he has led a seismic shift in public consciousness that has fundamentally changed the way we think and live. Fifty years after the birth of the environmental movement – which […]

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Ontario Assessment Review Board rules wind farm does not affect property value

From Canadian Energy Law — April 11, 2012 — Patrick Duffy and Sean Gibson The Ontario Assessment Review Board has ruled that there is no evidence the presence of a wind farm affected the value of Ed and Gail Kenney’s waterfront property on the west end of Wolfe Island, a rural community located in the Township of […]

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