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Ontario Ministry of Energy reinforces it’s “failed energy agenda” with even more blatant Stupidity!

From The Big Green Lie

The Green Energy Act back in May of 2009 basically condemned Ontario to become a failed Province with a costly and useless power grid that will take numerous decades to repair, IF the Government STOPPED all Industrial Wind and Solar development right NOW!

But instead of STOPPING and admitting that the whole Green exercise has been a disaster, Bentley continues with even more insanity by announcing even more “money sucking” plans for our limited tax dollars by creating a Task Force made up of his “Green Gang” so they can completely finish off what was once a dependable and cost effective power supply!

How these “idiots” hang onto power with their previous “track record” of energy poverty for the Citizens of Ontario and now a never ending supply of tax dollars for a decrepit and dysfunctional group of miscreants, makes one wonder if there is any sanity left in this once great Province!

Parker Gallant: It’s the cost of the power, stupid

(April 14, 2012) It’s been a flurry of activity around the Ministry of Energy’s offices over the past few days as the Energy Minister, Chris Bentley has announced two initiatives.

Link to article at The Big Green Lie

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2 Comments on “Ontario Ministry of Energy reinforces it’s “failed energy agenda” with even more blatant Stupidity!”

  1. thebiggreenlie April 17, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    My question for the Citizens of Ontario is “Why are these idiots still inside Queen’s Park?”

    • Donna Quixote April 17, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

      Unfortunately, because the rest of the province is held hostage to the whims of the residents of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Even if we go to an election now, I’m afraid there are still too many who are mesmerized by that phoney McGuinty smile and who will vote him right back in again.
      WHICH in my opinion would not necessarily be a bad thing. Why should someone else clean up the disastrous mess he’s made of this province, while he sits back, retired on a humungous pension?

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