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Wind Turbines and their effects on Autistic Individuals

As the mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome (a higher functioning form of Autism), I have taken a special interest in how wind turbines can affect those who deal with this disorder, especially children.  Although Matthew, my son, is now 30 years old, I know he is still highly sensitive to sounds that the rest of us don’t even notice.   As a small boy, he would run screaming and crying, with his hands over his ears, whenever a large truck or piece of equipment would pass by him while he was outside.  To the rest of the world, it would have just been a truck.  But to Matthew, you could tell that not only did the noise scare him, but it hurt him as well.

This extreme sensitivity to sound leads me to believe that children with autism would be especially vulnerable to the infrasound noise and vibrations created by industrial wind turbines, that may not hurt another individual.

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