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Message from McGuinty to wind opponents? Too bad.

The Goderich Signal Star — April 18, 2012

Letter to the Editor:

We moved to Goderich to settle into a peaceful, healthy retirement, and had hoped to buy a home here or in one of the coastal towns. Finding nothing suitable here, we began exploring alternatives until we learned of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) industrial wind turbine (IWT) recently constructed at their Port Elgin ‘educational’ complex, against the vociferous objections of the local population and council. We also discovered that Saugeen Shores had applied to be considered as a site for a waste nuclear fuel storage facility. And then there’s the close proximity of the highly controversial Bruce Nuclear Generating Plant. We’re very aware of the purported health risks associated with nuclear and wind electricity generation, but many people obviously are not – or they’ve allowed themselves to be duped by unscrupulous politicians and the ‘corptocracy’. After thorough research and thoughtful consideration, we have decided to search elsewhere.

Answers are certainly important, but so are questions. If we fail to question the decisions of those who supposedly represent us, then we must assume responsibility for the consequences. Thomas Jefferson said that anyone who relinquishes freedom in exchange for security deserves neither. If we fail to hold our elected representatives and their appointed bureaucrats responsible, and adopt an apathetic posture by failing to ensure our wishes are implemented, then we have only ourselves to blame for any adverse consequences.

Link to full and very compelling letter by Ross Wilson


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