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U.K. — Suffolk astronomer says wind turbine will ruin scientific research due to vibrations

BBC News — April 24, 2012

A Suffolk astronomer claims a proposed wind turbine near his observatories would ruin his scientific research.

Tom Boles, who works at home in Coddenham, searches for dying stars, or supernovae, and takes images of them.    He said vibrations from the proposed turbine at Coddenham Hall Farm would disrupt his computerised telescopes.

Officers at Mid Suffolk District Council are recommending planning permission for the turbine is approved. The farm was unavailable for comment.

Mr Boles has three research telescopes in two observatories in his garden, which would be 130m (142 yards) from the turbine.    Mr Boles said his research into supernovae has been used by most other major telescopes in the world and by scientists who work on measuring the expansion of the universe.

Blurred images

He said: “You get a constant vibration from these turbines which would build up small vibrations in my telescopes which would blur the images.

“The council needs to consider the visual impact, the evidence of vibration and what they would be taking away from the scientific community if they closed this observatory down as it would be an end to my research.”

Link to full article at the BBC

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