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Hypocrisy, thy name is Burlington, Ontario

Hamilton Spectator– April 26, 2012

Council decides not to tilt at windmill

Turbine on pier scrapped and the intensification battle rages on

The pier, the pier, Burlington’s ever-changing pier!

The latest glitch, reported to a council committee last week, is that the proposed wind turbine on it poses a problem. It was to be hooked into the power grid, but the transformer station serving downtown Burlington is not adequately configured to accept the feed-in (surplus power).

There’s a way out. Configure the turbine to use battery packs, at a cost of $70,000, and pay for it out of the absurdly high project contingency allowance of $890,000.

Councillors were not impressed, and after much questioning and discussion, voted to scrap the turbine. It was to be symbolic, anyway, of Burlington’s dedication to energy conservation, but the city has done an admirable job cutting energy use throughout. As Councillor Paul Sharman noted, the public might prefer a cost underrun to an overrun. Amen! (And it cuts clutter on the pier).

Link to article in Hamilton Spectator

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