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Turbines causing problems

Charley Urbanek — Owen Sound Sun Times — Letter to the Editor — May 2, 2012

A group of people recently sent letters to the editor and their first sentence was totally correct about the “biggest hoax,” but their second sentence had a single mistake. They used the word “against” and it should have said “This would be the big hoax developed BY wind turbines.”

Moving on, while polls and surveys done by various research groups can be useful, the question( s) they ask are most often too general or bias towards results that are being looked for which can then result in self-serving information.

Their letter then trivializes damages caused by McGuinty’s Green Energy Act as nothing more than “street talk”. So, the hundreds of anti-wind groups in the world and the many now in Ontario, plus the thousands of people in these groups from all walks of life, like doctors, lawyers, school teachers and professionals, are being fooled by what this group is calling “street talk”. I rather think not.

The renewable energy companies are now using a numbered company so they can quietly buy up homes from residents experiencing health problems. Do a search of Ripley, Ontario on the Internet.

Health issues are only one major part of the problem. Here are a few more examples of the many problems with McGuinty’s dictated and badly executed so-called Green Energy Act. There us the killing of at least 600,000 birds per year in North America, admitted by renewable energy websites.

The decreased dollar values to homes around industrial wind farms mean many now cannot even be sold. Real estate websites explain why.

There is the out of control costs of electricity in Ontario. That one is affecting everything and very soon everyone in all of Ontario will find out why and the real damage it’s causing.

A good portion of their letter is comprised of misinterpretations, outdated, misleading information, finger pointing and name calling that may look good in print to some but is dispelled with the correct facts. By looking rationally at all information and evidence, it does become very evident that there are problems being caused by industrial wind turbines.

Charley Urbanek Port Elgin

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