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Time to gas failed green programs

Lorne Gunter — QMI Agency — May 23, 2012

Green energy alternatives are nothing more than expensive fantasies, at least for now. Wind farms, acres of solar panels and ponds of bio fuel are, by and large, uneconomic without huge, direct subsidies from taxpayers.

There may come a day when non-carbon fuels make financial sense, but for now alternate-energy projects are simply money pits. And the private companies that politicians hail as pioneers in “clean” energy are mostly just subsidy miners. They’ve simply figured out how to make money by extracting big grants from crusading politicians eager to prove their environmental bona fides by spending other people’s money.

Take hydrogen fuel cells, for instance. The previous Liberal government pumped billions into technology that, they insisted, would convert gasoline and diesel vehicles to low-emission hydrogen. So how did that work out? Where can I buy a hydrogen SUV?

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