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The truth about Germany and the ‘clean energy economy’

Washington Examiner — June 10, 2012

President Obama recently came under fire for referring to “Polish death camps” in a prepared speech, reflecting a certain lack of awareness of matters European. This episode reminded us of something else, of greater concern to U.S. voters: Obama’s speechwriters appear to also be unaware that the German media is available online. In English.

It is hard to explain otherwise how they continue sending Mr. Obama out to cite Germany’s energy sector as a model for driving America’s economic recovery.

Look back to when the candidate and then the new President Obama gave eight speeches touting Spain as the model for his “clean energy economy.” As Spanish experts quickly pointed out, Spain’s clean energy reality was in fact a disaster, even if this detail was ultimately lost amid a flood of news about the country’s broader economic collapse.

This proved terribly embarrassing, and President Obama stopped giving that speech. He did not, however, stop pushing those policies that he claimed were an imitation of Spain’s. Apparently assuming yet again that no one would look more closely, Obama now points to Germany as his success story.

Germany seemed a somewhat safe bet for the White House because it is widely perceived as the healthy man of Europe. And it is, in relative terms. But that is not the same as actually being healthy.

Germany’s establishment media have chronicled that country’s “green energy” collapse, and these stories are all available online, in English. Spiegel Online International, among others, has reported it in painful detail. Germany’s energy sector is under the most stress of any in the country. It is hemorrhaging jobs.

Its “green” manufacturing companies are serially going bankrupt.

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