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MA — New neighbors of wind turbines complain of ill effects

Kathryn Gallerani — The Enterprise (Kingston, MA) — June 28, 2012

Neighbors of Kingston’s new wind turbines made plenty of noise at a zoning board of appeals hearing, sharing stories with panel members about sleepless nights and anxiety caused by the turbines.

Leland Road resident Dan Alves, speaking at a hearing last week, said he knew there had been talk of wind turbines before they were built, but he was not informed about what it would really mean to have them near his home.

“Never would I have experienced what I have experienced – headaches, dizziness, vertigo,” Alves said. “It sounds like a 747 that never lands.”

Christopher Senie, a lawyer for some of the neighbors, presented reasons why the board should reverse zoning enforcement officer Paul Armstrong’s decision to deny Senie’s recent request for an order that would stop the turbines from spinning.

Senie argued there should be a new site plan hearing and conditions should be set that make sense for the operation of the wind turbines. He said he is not foolish enough to think the turbines would be shut down permanently.

Country Club Way resident Chris Dewitt said his heart aches at the impact these turbines have had on his family and his neighbors. He said he has been woken up early in the morning, around 3:30 a.m. one day and 4 a.m. the next, because of the turbines’ noise.

“This is not sustainable,” he said. “Think about this decision in respect to the people.”

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