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Thankfully, the word is continuing to spread regarding the destructive nature of wind turbines.

Dispelling the cats, buildings vs. wind farm bird death myth

Cathy Taibbi — Wildlife Conservation — Examiner.com — June 30, 2012

It’s been a tiresome retort from spokespeople defending the wind industry: “More birds are killed by cats and glass buildings than by wind farms, so wind farms are OK.”

Really? That makes it ‘OK’? Well, let’s think about that critically.

First of all, just because people die in car wrecks every day doesn’t mean it’s therefore OK for still more folks to die by plane crash, does it?

Yes, the argument is that ludicrous.

Especially since eagles, cranes, condors or bats are not likely to be flying into anyone’s window.


And when was the last time a domestic cat dragged home a bustard or an eagle?

Besides, if rare and threatened species are already on the brink due to human activities upon the planet, doesn’t it make sense to try to minimize such ‘collateral damage’ as much as possible? At least, it makes sense if you want to call your industry a ‘clean’, ‘green’ energy source.

I am going to do something different here, and list my source’s references right up front, to make a point:


(1) – CBC article:

(2) – Eagles killed by wind turbines: http://www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=3071

– Ospreys killed by wind turbines:  http://savetheeaglesinternational.org/?page_id=843

(3) – Specifications of wind turbine Aeronautica 47-750: http://aeronauticawind.com/aw/library/Spec_Sheet_Norwin750-54_new.pdf

(4) – 40 to 60 great bustards killed by the power lines of the Villasilos windfarm, Spain.
This compares to a previously estimated population of 260 individuals, immatures included, for the whole province of Burgos. The Villasilos area being the principal habitat in the province for these 10-14 kilo birds, where most of them show up at one time or another, the windfarm is actually acting as an ecological trap, a population sink for this endangered species. This is how “carefully” the wind industry places its windfarms. – STEI http://savetheeaglesinternational.org/?page_id=947

(5) – 6-18 million birds and bats killed yearly by 18,000 wind turbines in Spain:

(6) – The Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle is being driven to extinction by windfarms:

(7) – Wind turbines already driving some species to extinction:http://savetheeaglesinternational.org/

Scary that a ‘harmless’, so-called ‘green’ energy source should cause so much havoc on the Earth, isn’t it?

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