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CANWEA standards for health effect studies scrape the bottom of the barrel

CANWEA President Robert Hornung, in an interview regarding the upcoming Health Canada study into the effects of wind turbines on humans made this astounding comment…..

 “CanWEA notes that the balance of scientific evidence to date clearly demonstrates that wind turbines do not have an impact on human health and that this perspective has been confirmed by numerous independent reviews of the scientific literature.”

“This is backed by a growing body of work,” said Hornung, “including reports by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, the National Public Health Institute in Quebec, and most recently by an expert panel report to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Department of the Environment.”

WHAT??!!!  He’s using the January 2012 Massachusetts report as basis for their contention that wind turbines are safe?  If that’s what their standard is, then we know for certain that their standard is pretty freaking LOW!

Anyone who is a regular reader of Quixotes Last Stand, knows the report to which Hornung is referring to.  It’s the report that was torn to shreds on this site several months ago.  But for those of you who aren’t familiar with that pathetically laughable “independent health study” here it is….

A Perfect Example of How a “Health Study” is Skewed

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