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It’s the classic smoke-and-mirrors game…nothing new here folks.

Kingston Wind Independence developer in Massachusetts has just announced that they won’t do a sound study on 4 of their turbines, so they’ve asked — GET THIS — the Clean Energy Center to “voluntarily” step in and do the assessment for them, because …..  wait for it ….. they want an ‘unbiased’ assessment.

Just a second, while I mop up the coffee that just spewed all over my keyboard.

*pause for clean up*

The purpose of the study is to ensure that operation of 4 wind turbines in the Leland Road area are in compliance with state regulations for sound.  Kingston Wind Independence co-manager Kially Ruiz said the study would be independent and conducted by a reputable acoustic engineer selected by the Clean Energy Center.

(Damn … shouldn’t have taken another sip of that coffee.)

15 families living near the turbines have complained about the sound emanating from the industrial machines, however, Ruiz feels that the noises “are likely coming from something else.”

The CLEAN ENERGY CENTER states on their website that “supporting clean energy is not just as an environmental mandate but it is the right thing to do for the Massachusetts economy. … By integrating electricity from renewable sources such as wind power into our electric generating mix, we can help ensure a clean environment and a robust economy for the Commonwealth.”

And THIS ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why there has NEVER been a truly independent research study done on the health effects of wind turbines despite the loud effusive claims of wind energy proponents.   It’s like cigarette manufacturers asking pipe manufacturers to do a health study on the effects of tobacco.  Smoke and mirrors.  And Joe Q Public continues to fall for it hook, line and sinker.  — Donna Quixote


Kingston wind turbine developer won’t conduct sound study

Kathryn Gallerani — Wicked Local — July 27, 2012

KINGSTON —  The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will both pay for and conduct a sound study of the Kingston wind turbine Independence, according to Kingston Wind Independence co-manager Kially Ruiz.

Ruiz said Kingston Wind Independence asked the Clean Energy Center to voluntarily step in and conduct the sound assessment, and the quasi-public agency has agreed to do so. He said he wants the facts on the table for everyone to see.

“We have every reason to want an unbiased study,” Ruiz said. “First of all, we take our responsibility to comply with Massachusetts law very seriously. Second, we want to be good neighbors, so we would want to know if anything is wrong. We expect the study will be conclusive in that it will show there are no issues here, except for a couple of neighbors who seem to be attributing noises to the wind turbine, which are likely coming from something else.”

Catherine Williams, a spokesman for the Clean Energy Center, confirmed Wednesday that the center will fund all or a portion of the study but that the funding level is still to be determined. She said the center has conducted studies like it before.

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