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Shining the light on Big Wind Shills like Robert Oliphant

Robert Oliphant continues to spew his rhetoric about Ontario’s killer coal plants in an ongoing effort to push through McGuinty’s wind agenda.  Oliphant’s outdated, over-exaggerated claims about coal pollution hopefully will soon come to an end as more and more of the general public become aware of the falsehoods and made up numbers that Oliphant continuously spews forth.

Just reading this article from the Hamilton Spectator shows GLARING exaggerations and lies, using the Health Canada study as a cover for his never-ending wind propaganda.

The smoke and mirrors routine has reached epic proportions.

Lives depend on wind turbine study

What we do know is that coal-plant pollution is killing Ontarians

Last week’s announcement by Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq of plans to study the health impact of wind turbines is welcome news.

Any independent, peer-reviewed, science-based study will surely make an important contribution to the ongoing research into the effects of wind turbines on human health. Information based on science is always a good thing. People with asthma and other respiratory challenges are used to depending on science, so we look forward to hearing of its results.

Much is being made about the politics behind the announcement. Some suggest the study is motivated by a Canadian version of geopolitics (as in the location of most wind farms being in ridings held by Conservative members of parliament). However, my personal experience of Minister Aglukkaq, even from across the aisle in the House of Commons, is of being more even-handed and less partisan than most on that side, and this lends me to give her the benefit of the doubt here. I am hopeful that this is truly a determined and principled effort to enhance the public health of Canadians.

Beyond this, however, is the simple need to put to rest people’s fears of wind-sourced energy, and then to have a transparent discussion about the real health and economic costs of not investing in alternative sources of power and simply continuing with energy sources that pollute our air.

In 2010, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health reviewed the many studies already done on wind turbines and human health. She reached the conclusion that there is no scientific evidence of any direct causal link between adverse health and wind turbine noise.

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