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Rural Ontario Matters

Betty Sawyers — Sachem.ca — July 31, 2012

The collapse of Elliot Lake’s shopping mall was a catastrophe, causing undue stress and hardship for the town’s residents.

The Premier insisted the rescue efforts resume, personalizing his remarks, stating he would want no stone left unturned if his family were in there. In so doing, he acknowledged there are people outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) deserving care and consideration.

Many rural Ontario residents face undue stress and hardship related to industrial wind turbines (IWT) and are also deserving of care and consideration, as shown to the people of Elliot Lake. The Premier and his government show lack of respect for rural Ontario and its residents. They use the Green Energy Act to promote wind projects throughout rural Ontario.

He was able to stop electrical projects in Mississauga and area, realizing it would cost him the election if he failed to do so. It is costing Ontario taxpayers mega millions for that election ploy and suggests the people of Sarnia are less important than the citizens of the GTA, as they were told they are the new recipients of the Mississauga project.

There were signs the Elliot Lake Mall was unstable and that it was a matter of time before something catastrophic would happen and it did.

There are signs that IWTs are not the way of the future, and catastrophic things are happening (i.e. escalating hydro costs, health and safety issues, pollution of landscape, loss of animal habitat, etc).

“By the end of 2013, we’ll have the highest hydro rates on the continent. And the reasons are purely political…So we’re forfeiting clean, green, renewable, naturally occurring hydro power just to pay offshore interests five times more for wind power. That’s sinful,” said Rob Granatstein in his article ‘Toronto hydro rates are skyrocketing and politics are to blame’ in Toronto Life Magazine’s June 2012 edition.

Is the $7 billion deal signed with Samsung a good enough reason for Mr. McGuinty to go forward, ignoring the majority of rural Ontario in order to ensure that his green dream comes true?


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