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You can only push people so far, before they start to snap. Are you listening McGuinty???

Wind turbine worker threatened with gun

Man said he was confronted while doing preliminary site work

West Grey Police are investigating alleged threats against a worker, who says he had a shotgun pulled on him while working on a wind turbine site near London, Ont.

Police are also investigating threatening phone calls the man says he received.

Jeff Damen was doing preliminary work at the site of a proposed wind farm in the community of West Grey, near London last week when he says a red pickup truck pulled alongside his vehicle and the driver asked what he was doing.

After Damen explained the work he was doing, the driver pulled out a gun, Damen said.

“He reached over his back seat, and pulled out a shotgun, pointed it at me and stated, ‘Why don’t you leave us all alone? If I catch you back here again, I’m going to kill you,'” Damen said.

Damen was unable to get a licence plate number. It was covered by a folded down tailgate.

West Grey Police Const. Janet Shumaker said Damen was alone at the time of the alleged incident but the police are taking the matter seriously.

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4 Comments on “You can only push people so far, before they start to snap. Are you listening McGuinty???”

  1. thebiggreenlie July 31, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    It wouldn’t surprise me for one minute that this is a Wind Developer’s “setup” to try and make out like they are the victims here!
    For all the years I have dealt with anti-wind folks I have never met a more peaceful and honest group of folks………………………even though some have literally been run out of their homes onto the street by these evil Wind Developers and Government clowns, they still respect Law and Order and civil discourse!
    Anyone hear of a “False Flag”?…………..look it up!

    • Don Quixote July 31, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

      I agree. The story has too many claims that don’t pass my sniff test. Big Wind is seeing the momentum we’re gathering and a story like this garners sympathy for them. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  2. D. Watson August 5, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    As alluded to in your opening sermon and commentary, people who are pushed and not permitted to speak nor to be heard, either slip into a mental state of subservience or become aggressively agitated. We may have a government, but it is not ours. It does not represent us nor does it listen to our cries. Rural Ontario is a place that has been forced into submission even though we are, in great numbers, standing up to be heard. We are not even acknowledged and now the forces in control want to change the rules to make it even easier to implement their plans to cover our lands with non-productive and sometimes hazardous devices that do harm to us.

    For many of us who came from ancestors that left a feudal system in the England, starvation in Ireland, it seems that within a century or so time has returned us full circle and now we are subservient to the government as our ancestors were to the Lord who ruled over them. I suppose what they say is true, history repeats itself.

    I personally doubt that a gun was pointed at a worker, but if one was I think may of us can understand why. This man is not a criminal, but a man who has be bullied around to the point that now finds himself in such a stressful position that his only option is to push back. I think this all BS and an act the the wind industry has manufactured. The man who reports to be the victim, seems unable to describe the appearance of the man nor his vehicle. It’s just a set-up to ensure that the fast track legislation gets rammed through.

    It is too bad that we have this Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it seems to completely useless. Perhaps the old BNA would have been helpful in this situation. Our rights and freedoms are trampled upon, while the government provides more rights to foreign companies to install wind turbines everywhere and the people of the province are shut out and put down. We do not have freedom nor do we have any liberties.

    I am extremely disgusted with the government and this dictator they call premier. This man must be defeated and removed. If not we will continue to suffer at this hands. And how much more can we really take.

    Men and women all have thresholds when it comes to be treated as non-existent. There are many thousands of people who are nearing this threshold, so my guess is that something is going to break and perhaps soon. It is a natural instinct that we all posses.

    God save this land and it’s rural people. The people who are the backbone of this society.

    • Donna Quixote August 6, 2012 at 1:55 am #

      Not sure if you saw my follow up post the next day, but after seeing CANWEA make this magnanimous statement about “can’t we all just get along”, I have decided that the entire story is BS. Although, as you’ve stated so well, I can certainly understand how people under assault, whether physical, mental or on their quality of life, can snap.

      We can all only hope that this tyrant who currently rules the land will be defeated, sooner than later.

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