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PEI Energy Ministry compensates survey respondents for favourable support of wind turbines

Jonathan Charlton — PEI Canada.com — August 15, 2012

The province has received written support for the Hermanville wind farm from 71 per cent of landowners, but a Clear Springs resident says that result is flawed.
“What Minister Sheridan has done, is he’s taken a very small area in the boundary they’ve defined with these two communities, and he talks about a vote from all the people he’s paying,” Jack MacDonald said.
“For everyone he’s talking about, compensation was offered.”
Nineteen of 25 primary and secondary landowners – those living inside the development zone – signed a land use agreement, as did 22 of 33 tertiary landowners, Finance and Municipal Affairs Minister Wes Sheridan said. All those landowners are eligible for compensation, with the exact amount to be determined based on the placement of the turbines.
The minister said he was pleased with the “huge majority.”
The province announced Monday it was proceeding with the project, which is slated to come online next year.
The turbines themselves and infrastructure costs will total $60 million, which will be paid back after a 10-15 year amortization.

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