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Because of the FIT program, the CAW and Dalton McGuinty support child pornographers

Under the heading of things we can no longer afford thanks to Samsung, Pattern, Suncor, Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act and useless wind turbines, cuts have been made to the child pornography task force in Ontario.

The CAW, which has it’s snout firmly planted in the FIT trough, is complicit in the spread of child pornography because money that they’re sucking up with their wind turbine, could be used to keep the task force going.  Well done boys!!!  Our most vulnerable in society thank you!

In today’s Toronto Sun….

McGuinty’s cruellest cut of all:

Elimination of Centre of Forensic Sciences’ electronic unit borders on criminal

By Mark Bonokoski — August 25, 2012

No one should be more reviled, and more sought for prosecution, than those whose perversion leads them into the exploitative and sick underworld of child pornography.

These are the lowest of the low.

Where once upon at time it was done on the down low, with pervs exchanging black-and-white photographs and grainy 8-mm films in seedy backrooms, child pornographers now have the virtual anonymity and the world-reach provided by the Internet.

These pornographers, as a result, have embraced this cyber technology like addicts to a narcotic.

Child pornography can be now be buried and encrypted on hard drives and memory sticks. It can go live via webcam, and posted on deeply layered websites. And it can be shared with thousands, and sold to thousands more, with the mere click of a mouse.

And it always seems to be one step ahead of law enforcement.

When provinces do their budgets, law-abiding citizens do not expect public safety be among the first cuts made when debt and deficits become unwieldy, and no law-abiding citizen would expect the safety of children from predators would ever be downgraded.

But it has happened in Ontario under the inept government of Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty with a budget cut that will give child predators an unexpected sense of security.

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