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UK –Wind farm ‘could threaten special needs day centre in Blaenau’

South Wales Evening Post — August 28, 2012

THE chairman of an action group against plans for a wind turbine says special needs children using a nearby day care centre will be “overloaded” by its noise.

Bob Gunstone, chairman of Saron, Llandybie and Penygroes (Slap) action group claims children with special needs are unable to “filter noise” out from turbines.

He raised his concerns ahead of a meeting of Llandybie Community Council, who will discuss an application for a turbine at Blaenau, before it goes to the Carmarthenshire council’s planning committee next month.

Mr Gunstone said: “There is a council-run day care centre located in Blaenau which has a very important role to play in the community.

“This centre offers respite care for parents of children with special needs and the proposed wind turbine at Blaenau will be a threat to this very important service.”

Mr Gunstone, who is also a community councillor in Llannon, said “many studies” had been done into the effects of wind turbines on children.

“It has been found that children, especially with special needs, are more sensitive to the effects of wind turbines.

“For example a child with autism, Asperger’s or ADHD does not have the ability to filter noise thus they hear noises at the same level” he said.

“The noise created from a wind turbine can cause continuous auditory sensory overload, which affects their concentration and focus.

“This means that the children who currently use this facility will be affected in a very negative way continually disturbed by the impact of the wind turbine.”

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