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I would prostitute myself before I would prostitute my farm” , There…I said it! It needed to be said.

Melodie Burkett — Stayner, Ontario — August 28, 2012

“I would prostitute myself before I would prostitute my farm” , There…I said it! It needed to be said.

That is what I said to the Suncor weasel that offered me $30,000.00 per year for 20 years if I would just sign a contract to host 3 huge turbines on my land and also initial the clause that says, if I sign up I am not allowed to ever say anything negative about wind turbines on my land. Pardon me!

He told me not to get too excited, as he had yet to get all the other farmers on the ridge to sign up as well. He gave me a colourful brochure and told me to make sure I did my due diligence and researched the wonder of industrial sized turbines.

I flipped through the brochure and saw the big pictures of these big white wind turbines. It struck me that the beautiful farm that depicted a wind farm had lost the look and feel of a farm and now looked hideous..it looked like an industrial waste land.

I looked at this guy in the white shirt and tie and asked him if he wouldn’t do better selling filter queen vacuum cleaners or time shares in Mexico. I told him I would prostitute myself before I would prostitute my farm or sell out my neighbours OR betray the pioneers that worked so hard to clear the land and build what would come to be called Clearview.

CLEAR view, Get IT? That’s what it is known for. Those breathtaking vistas that attract people looking to settle in a peaceful country setting. The tourist that come to shop in the quaint little shops or the bicycle people that peddle our hills and dales each week end.

Well, I certainly DID do my due diligence and research the wonders of wind power. The first thing I noticed was that when a company is trying to woo a community they tell big whoppers!  They say things like the “x number of megawatts we put out will power x number of homes for your community”.  

They don’t tell you that they are quoting NAME PLATE CAPACITY! A capacity that is never reached. My speedometer on my dash tells me that my car can go 220 kph..but in reality would it ever do that? It turns out that wind only contributed less that 1 % to our mix in Ontario. Less than 5% world wide!

The next big whopper they tell us is that wind turbines will reduce emissions and stop climate change. Oh really? How can that be when our gas plants have to run hot at the ready to amp up or down as the wind turbines go off the grid and back on the grid. All that up and down , up an down, up and down causes more emissions and wastes fossil fuels.

If we are trying to get off fossil fuels and save the planet then why did Germany put in 26 new coal plants to stand at the ready to provide base load electricity when the fickle wind decides not to blow. How come China builds a new coal plant each week to back up their wind turbines?

Do you not think that if any significant reduction in emissions were made anywhere in the world due to wind turbines that this would make headline news around the world? Do you notice that a big company like WPD never seems to mention how much emissions have been avoided in reality?  Again , wind companies spew out name plate capacity then extrapolate how much emissions they prevent. It is a BIG FAT LIE.

Now I have to tell you my heart did a flip flop when first I read Jeff Watchorn’s letter where he demands more from our elected representative and Deputy Mayor than the usual Pollyanna blather about how she supports anything GREEN. This is the lady that has twice gone public and announced in no uncertain terms that ” I’m am glad that the province enacted the Green Energy Act and took this off our plate…we don’t have time to get involved with the wind turbine debate.”

Say what? You don’t have time to become involved in the most serious issue to confront Clearview in the history of Clearview? The issue that will impact our township and the families that have built their lives here for the rest of our lives? That is shocking and downright shameful. It leaves me speechless! Except to say that you bake a good cake Alicia, perhaps you should stay home and bake cakes for your husband.  You remind me of ‘ battered women syndrome’ where as the woman says ” Well.. I can’t stop him from beating me up so at least I will try and get a dishwasher out of him.”  Yes Alicia, I know there was deadline to submit your request for blood money but hey, bottom line: You can not suck and blow at the same time.

Why did my heart do a flip flop? Well because on the very next page after the Jeff Watchorn excellent letter, we got some more blather from a Creemore man that claims he likes to drive by a wind farm and look at the majestic 50 story wind turbines. Well drive to Shelburne Sir, knock yourself out!   I notice you didn’t say you wanted to live amongst them.

Then this guy goes on to say that tourism is not affected at Niagara Falls or the Hoover Dam in Nevada. DUH! News flash..apples are not oranges. He then goes on much blather about how green turbines are and how much fossil fuel they save etc. etc. YEP, he drank the Green Kool-Aid right off the wind carpetbagger brochure..hook line and sinker.

He is probably one of those nincompoops that stands underneath a 50 story wind turbine and claims how quiet it was. Another news flash, SOUND TRAVELS! When you have a mammoth machine anchored to bedrock, throbbing and pulsing out vibrations that have been picked up in a study by Scottish seismologists 10 miles out! This what is causing all the heartache in Ontario and in rural communities all around the world.

( Please note that the original wind turbines in Europe where the first generation ones and were only 100 feet tall, not the 60 story ones they are erecting in Ontario today.) These folks that have had to abandon their homes in order to stop the headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, sleep deprivation and nausea are not whistling Dixie Pal, they are sick, their kids are sick and they had to leave their life’s dream and home. Most had to let the bank take their home as they could not pay rent in town and continue to pay the mortgage on their abandoned home.

Finally after 5 years, someone listened and now a proper Health Study is underway. Until the results are in, many townships are demanding a complete moratorium on all future building of wind factories. Anything less is criminal.

BTW: Did you know that banks are not giving mortgages out to families that are in close proximity to a wind factory? They claim that the value of the home is not the market value that it was beforehand. And did you know that Insurance companies will not insure a farm that host wind turbines? It seems that they feel that they can not control the many people coming on the land to service the machines and therefore would be exposed to too much liability. Great huh?

Well Mr. Pollyanna, if WPD gets their final approval and builds their Fairview wind factory, you can rent my farm house very cheap. Then you can think about how wonderful they are a 3 o’clock in the morning when you can’t get to sleep. Come and see me, my farm is the beautiful one with all the signs that say Wind Turbines Make Bad Neighbours and Wind Turbines A BIG FAT LIE!

OH I almost forgot to mention, The UN has asked the EU to rethink their energy policy. It seems the thousands and thousands of wind turbines to date have not put out the energy they predicted and the EU can not afford this farce any longer. Guess they thought they would get more bang for their buck. Yeah and I thought my car would drive 220 kph cause it says so on the speedometer.

Melodie Burkett

Fairgrounds Road S

Stayner, Ontario

(Thanks to Central Bruce Wind Action Group for sending this our way. –DQ)

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