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The CAW thinks it’s pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes…..But……

Ian McMillan, on his blog “IM Writing” chastises the CAW for it’s bullying of the small town of Port Elgin with their industrial wind turbine that has been built within town limits and with over 100 families living inside the 550 m setback regulations.  The fact that Ian doesn’t live in Port Elgin is nice to see, as it tells us that our voices are starting to be heard outside of our little community.

Thanks for the article Ian!

CAW blowing it over a wind turbine

My family has a history with the CAW dating back generations. My wife was also once a card carrying member of the union and in 2005 we attended a family education session at the CAW Family Education Centre in Port Elgin, Ontario.

To say we believe in much of what the union stands for would be fair. It’s done a lot of good for a lot of people throughout the years. But what we saw from the CAW in Port Elgin last week gave us pause for thought.

Erected in the parking lot of the CAW centre was a giant, green wind turbine. It’s not that wind turbines are unheard of in Port Elgin, they’re not. In fact they’re scattered all over farmers’ fields throughout Saugeen Shores. The winds coming off Lake Huron make it an ideal area for wind generated power.

Given the CAW’s environmental policies a wind turbine fits in with the union’s beliefs. However, their own wind turbine has one fatal flaw — it’s located in a highly populated neighbourhood, the closest house being 150 metres from the turbine and the CAW centre itself even closer.

(To continue reading Ian’s article, click here)

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