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Prince Edward County — Foes and Friends of wind energy blew into WPD open house

County Live — August 31, 2012

At Thursday night’s White Pines Wind Project open house, the number of people in attendance to oppose wind turbines in Prince Edward County far outnumbered the number looking to welcome them. But though the pro wind camp was small, its words were powerful for one life-long County man who observed the two camps wave their placards, chant and march, as the open house continued inside the high school auditorium.

“That seemed so unreal to me,” the South Marysburgh resident said. “The topping on the cake was (a man) telling me to move back to Toronto! He was in my homeroom a couple of times at least (here in Picton). I’ve read that the County will never be the same, now I’m afraid I believe it.”

“Many were there in solidarity with the residents of South Marysburgh to demonstrate their strong opposition to a 29-turbine industrial installation that will forever change the face of the County,” said Karen Empringham.

The County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE) launched an extensive campaign with its website, flyers, posters and advertisements. The group organized a motorcade of about 50 vehicles honking and beeping while passengers shouted and waved signs pleading for a turbine-free County. The drivers met at the Waring House, paraded through town and drove by the high school a few times.

“It should be our right, in the County, to make our own decisions,” said Charlie Vincent, of Milford, who dressed as a town crier, rang his bell and read a proclamation. “And that’s why I’m here. Other than that, I have a pretty voice.”

He said this last open house that wpd is required to host is a mockery.

“I call it a mockery because it’s not a meeting where you can raise concerns, it’s a bunch of tables where you look at exhibits. It’s political because McGuinty’s government has sponsored the Green Energy Act – it has stripped all municipalities of the right to vote yes or no. And this company is about to seek final approval to go ahead with a good number of turbines in the area in which I live.”

Vincent does not count himself a member of any of the wind groups in the County and noted he supports wind energy – “in the right places”.

“I share the concerns. I know many of them. I don’t agree with with everything all of them say but I do agree with the anti-democratic concern that we have. If this today, what tomorrow? And I won’t even bring up the teachers who are going through the same anti-democratic issues. It’s just further proof that we are losing control.”

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