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Race for a Greek Tragedy

Andrew Watts — Letters to the Editor — Welland Tribune — August 30, 2012

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is winning the global race for economic disaster hands down.

Europe is becoming more and more a lost cause, and economic news on a daily basis makes it obvious no one in Europe has a clue how to prevent even further decline.

Yet here on our side of the pond, McGuinty refuses advice from those who do know there is a problem and instead maintains policies that would suggest to any intelligent citizen he actually wants to turn Ontario into North America’s first Greece.

At least three U.S. states are already seeking some sort of bankruptcy protection from the U.S. federal government, itself apparently only intent on increasing an already biggest ever deficit. But at least they all continue to pretend to accept there is a huge financial problem facing the world’s economies. Not so here in Ontario. Our premier apparently has not a single regret in making his province the biggest have-not province in Canada and ensuring the deficit can only continue to grow.

He blatantly buys votes by cancelling gas plant projects in Liberal ridings when it suits him.

He blatantly buys votes by introducing a tax paid provincial babysitting service against the advice of those who point out Ontario just can’t afford it at this time. And he’s at it again, pretending to stand up to the teaching unions by threatening to impose a pay freeze. Does anyone really not believe a deal has already been done? After all the posturing and hypocritical crocodile tears have been shed on both sides, because, of course, it is only “all about the children,” and regardless of whether he buys enough votes to maintain his minority government or not, the teachers will still end up on top as they always do.

And then there is his Green Energy Act boondoggle. A very few companies, some local, many more foreign, will walk away with huge profits guaranteed by your tax dollars. In return Ontario will get uneconomical, unreliable and environmentally harmful wind and solar energy that are of no benefit whatsoever to Ontario, its citizens or its energy needs.

Ask the Danes, the Germans, the Spanish and the Brits. Oh, and the Greeks.

Andrew Watts, Wainfleet

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