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Why The Earth Is Cooling – CO2 Warming Only A Tenth Of What Models Show!

From Ice Age NOW —  Climatologists must know that water vapor nearly wipes out CO2 in warming the Earth, and that clouds and albedo do the rest. What’s their excuse for this massive “oversight”?

Ed Caryl — August 29, 2012

(Excerpts) – The Climate Team has always claimed that a doubling of CO2 would add 3.7 Watts/m2 to the global climate budget and fry us all. This fate is their religion’s version of Hell, except we will all suffer rather than just the “sinners,” thus giving them leverage to force us to do their will.

Though bloggers have pointed out many locations that are cooling rather than warming, the warmists would have us believe that these cooling stations are just due to local phenomenon, such as albedo change, land use, site moves, or other changes, and that the warming stations are not due to UHI.

Last year, Willis Eschenbach took a look at Modtran,  a program developed by the US Air Force that analyzes the IR spectrum transmitted by the atmosphere. Willis noted that none of the latitude selections would give a CO2 doubling figure higher than 3.2 Watts/m2. He didn’t notice that the default settings in the program include a setting for water vapor at a pressure setting of 1. Any water vapor in the spectrum will lower the CO2 doubling figure.

At 50% humidity, and our current CO2 value, we get a tiny 0.188 W/m2, far, far below the IPCC favored value. This is all before the additional factors of clouds and rain, which will drop the value even further, into the negative territory that Willis noticed here. The blue triangle in the chart and the blue value in the table are the current values with today’s CO2 and global average humidity.

(To view chart and continue reading, click here)

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