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Ontario Wind Resistance

The following information is provided by raptor expert and wind-farm watchdog Jim Wiegand, presented verbatim:

Note from Jim Wiegand – I sent this to the LA times Yesterday. With in 1/2hour I was on the phone with a very interested reporter. He was interested because it truly is a big story. I was in the middle of talking with him when the Editor urgently interrupted our phone call. He said he had to talk with him and we would talk a little later. We never did. It appears that someone at the top pulled the plug. I have had it happen before. You and I both know how the money works with these corporations. Jim

There is a very important story here. All this is being kept quiet while the wind industry is busy building new wind energy projects and being permitted for many others. Since 2007 the installation of wind…

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  1. mbarnardca September 17, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    Record numbers of whooping cranes are returning to Aransas National Wildlife Preserve this year, according to the people who actually work with whooping cranes.

    “A record whooping crane flock is expected at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge for the second straight year. Refuge manager Dan Alonso said there could be enough cranes making their annual migration to the area to break last year’s count of about 280.

    “We’re eagerly anticipating approximately 300 birds this year,” Dan Alonso said.”.

    “Alonso said recent rainfall of about 2 inches has replenished drinking water sources for the whoopers, and about 20 ponds created by windmill pumps are available for the birds to drink.”.


    No whooping crane has been reported as even startled by wind farms. Tremendous efforts are being made to prevent impacts and they have been successful to date.


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