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East Clarington residents worry about planned wind farm (Part 2)

(Read Part 1 here)

Jennifer O’Meara — Durham Region.com — September 6, 2012

CLARINGTON — When people buy a home in the green fields of rural Clarington, they don’t picture themselves living next to 150-metre wind turbines.

But that’s exactly what will happen to families in the east end of the municipality if plans for two wind farms go ahead.

These local projects are sparking debate.

On one hand, there are residents concerned about a provincial system that pushes the projects ahead without local input and what many worry is a lack of conclusive independent research into possible health impacts.

“We’re fighting for the health of our family and we’re not going to give up,” said Heather Rutherford, a mother and school teacher now in a new role of activist and community organizer as the founder of Clarington Wind Concerns. “We’re concerned about the health and wealth of our community. It’s the people in our community that make it what it is.”

On the other side is the need for renewable green energy sources and a supplemental income for struggling farmers.

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