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The Agenda with Steve Paikin — A most sickening display of bias and a missed golden opportunity

Tonights showing of The Agenda with Steve Paikin was billed as the following:

NIMBY Turns Green

Going green is fine, just don’t do it in my neighbourhood. The Agenda examines the collision between new green initiatives and local interests. 

From wind farms to waste-to-energy projects, how can Ontario’s green initiatives flourish if concerned citizens don’t want them in their communities?

What it turned out to be was a complete and utterly biased  promotion for wind energy in Ontario.  It was such a sickening display of pro-wind, that I was speechless throughout most of the show.  The lies and the propaganda were so rampant, my jaw dropped to the floor several times.

I’ve always maintained that in order to have an intelligent debate on either a TV or a radio show, the host needs to do their homework so that when a guest makes a bullshit claim, they can be called on it.

For instance, tonight on The Agenda, Theresa McClenaghan (Executive Director and Counsel, Canadian Environmental Law Association) made the claim that we need wind because of all the deaths in Ontario each year due to coal.  THIS IS A PERSON WHO YOU’D THINK WOULD BE INFORMED AND EDUCATED ABOUT THIS TOPIC, SINCE IT’S PART OF HER LINE OF WORK!

We all know that coal is a non-issue in Ontario, especially since it’s contribution to our power grid is less than 3% and has not been an environmental issue since the 70’s when all coal plants in Ontario were outfitted with emission control devices.  Yet that same rhetoric is spewed forth in every debate I’m ever in with someone who is prowind.  It’s a ridiculous comment and Steve Paikin should be informed enough about this topic to call her on it.

Ms. McClenaghan commented SEVERAL times throughout the show that it’s imperative to put these green energy projects closest to where the power is most needed and consumed!!!   WHAT THE HELL???!!!!   And yet no one asked her why then, are all of these turbines being placed in rural Ontario way up here, instead of down around the GTA!  There’s no greater power hogs in this whole province than the GTA, so why aren’t they down there??? Yet not a peep.  Not even a bare mention of that fact from our good grinning host, Steve.

There was the comment made by Gord Miller about how great the renewable energy program is going in Germany.  PERFECT time for Stevie to ask why if their program is so successful, is Germany building 23 new coal plants?  NOTHING!  Not a single challenge from our host.

Then there was the stunning comment form the Mayor of Kingston, Mark Gerretsen, who claimed that there is no longer any opposition to the wind turbines on Wolfe Island and that the residents are quite happy to have them there.  WHAT????   We read all the time about the opposition going on over there towards those turbines.

I kept calling on the heavens to strike him down for his bold-faced lies, which you could tell from the look on his face that even HE knew what a load of cow poop that was.

The other prowind group included Keith Stewart from Greenpeace, and Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (no bias there).

Did they have anyone on the show to represent an opposing view?  Why yes.  Yes they did.

Norm Ragetlie, Director of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement, Rural Ontario Institute.  This guy was so out of his league and even announced a few times that he had limited knowledge on this subject or that he wasn’t aware of how people who live near wind installations might feel.  He did think though that it if the neighbours of wind farms would just be paid off, they’d happily shut up and go away. (Not necessarily in those words.)

Did they have on anyone who lives next to a wind installation?  NO

Did they have on anyone who has had to abandon their property because of illness brought on by wind turbines?  NO.  And goodness knows, there are certainly plenty of individuals in this province who could have filled that seat.

Did they have on one single representative from any of the 70+ anti-wind groups across Ontario who is highly informed and educated on this topic and could have slam-dunked any one of the people sitting at that table?  NO

(I’m thinking of my husband in this instance.  He’s got more intelligence and common sense in his elbow than all of the people sitting at that table put together AND more knowledge on this subject.)

By the time 45 minutes had passed, I decided that my blood pressure didn’t really need to be over 200 and that I had already lost the last 2 days worth of meals and I really didn’t want to lose the 3rd, so I turned it off.

We need to inundate TVO with requests for equal time to blast these liars into the stratosphere.  It’s no wonder urban Ontario has no clue what’s going on out here, when a perfect opportunity to help inform them is squandered to further McGunity’s green assault on rural Ontario.  And the whole time Paikin just sat there with this dumb grin on his face, nodding along, without any idea whatsoever how to respond.

I’m just so furious and appalled right now, I think I need to go way out in a field somewhere and let out a loud, long, primal scream. — Donna Quixote

Link to TVO contact page:  HERE

Customer Relations: 1.800.INFO.TVO     416.484.2665

Main Switchboard 1.800.613.0513       416.484.2600

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4 Comments on “The Agenda with Steve Paikin — A most sickening display of bias and a missed golden opportunity”

  1. Dan Wrightman September 12, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    Rural Ontario should boycott TVO! Obviously tailored towards the GTA and screw the rest of the province.

    • Donna Quixote September 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

      I’m just beyond appalled, Dan. How many letters and pleas have all of us who are suffering in this province made to the media to get our story out, so that urban Ontario has some idea of what’s going on? And instead of giving us a platform, they throw this crap in our faces. Unbelievable.

  2. Clyde September 12, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. Do the producers of The Agenda think they could get an honest reading of the situation with those guests? It’s like having rural residents sitting around that table trying to solve the guns and gangs problem in Toronto just because some rural folk own the odd gun. What was more sickening was that they felt that if they just spread the wealth around some ,all would be swell. All those suffering would be magically cured. Fact is, wealth distribution was tried already and summarily rejected by a group of non-leaseholders in SW Ont.
    How little they know the issues and how little they understand us.


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