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Dr. Ross McKitrick and German Professor in Berlin to present Mann’s Hockey Stick, GISS Temp. Alterations

From P. Gosselin — No Trick Zone — September 14, 2012

Ross McKitrick prominent exposer of the IPCC hockey stick scandal comes to Berlin
By: W. Müller, M. Limburg (Translated/edited by NoTricksZone)

Prof. Ross McKitrick, economist and statistician of the University of Guelph (Toronto, Canada) will make a speech in the Haus der Zukunft (House of the Future) at Albrechtstraße 11 in Berlin on 17 September 2012. He is invited by the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) and the Berlin Manhattan Institute.

The main topic: What is wrong with the IPCC?

McKitrick is one of the relentless scientists (next to Steve McIntyre) who exposed the hockey stick chart by Michael Mann, which not only was adopted by the IPCC, but was also defended against all proof of the hockey stick fraud. McKitrick published evidence against it. In the IPCC Third Assessment Report –  and more discreetly in the Fourth Assessment Report -Michael Mann and the IPCC falsely claimed that the current warming was the the highest in the last 1600 years. In doing so, they eliminated the well documented Medieval Warm Period by using tricks.

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One Comment on “Dr. Ross McKitrick and German Professor in Berlin to present Mann’s Hockey Stick, GISS Temp. Alterations”

  1. Reality check September 28, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    Energy policy determined by political favor is a very bad idea. Worse, energy policy determined by fear. Germany is burning lignite because they fear nuclear, South Africa is building coal plants everywhere because they fear fracking. When you kick science out of the equation and substitute irrational fears and political favors, the environment, the economy and the people all suffer.

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