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Another great article from Wind Farm Realities — Degrading performance of IWT’s

Wind Farm Realities — September 20, 2012

Some History/Background

About 6 months ago John Harrison started calculating how the performance of wind turbinesdegrades over time.  He noted that as projects are in place over a number of years that their Capacity Factor (the percentage of their nameplate capacity that they actually generate) annually decreased somewhere in the 1-2% range.  For example, a project that operated at a CF of 30% initially could be expected to be operating in the 15% CF range after 10 years of a 1.5% annual decline.

There are 3 main reasons the CF might decline: (1) a change in wind speed or direction, (2) dispatching (being told to turn them off) and (3) wear and tear.  In Ontario and most other areas #2 is never done, per political fiat.  #1 is calculated by taking the historical wind records from a nearby weather station and adjusting  the actual output for the change in wind speed.  And that leaves #3, which is what is left over after the changes in wind speed have been factored out.

I took his method, applied it to Denmark and found a similar decline.  And as you can see from the comments, others are reporting similar observances.  But it takes a stable environment (with the same turbines in place and aging together, with no more being added) to be able to observe the decline, at least from public information.

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