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To The Agenda with Steve Paikin. “wow. I’m underwhelmed.”

After the embarrassingly biased show about Green Energy that The Agenda did a couple of weeks ago, I gave them a pretty scathing review.   I was contacted by Steve and his producer Mary Taws and was assured that our side would be given a fair chance to respond to the outright lies and propaganda that were spread on that show by their obviously pro-wind panel.

From Steve:  “I think if you give this “grinning” host another chance, you’ll see that the balance we strive for takes place over a longer period of time, and not just on one night.”

Ummmmm….yeah.  If tonight’s show with Jane Wilson from WCO is any indication, it will be one hell of a long period of time.

In The Agenda’s mind, counter-balancing a 1 hour show with a view from the other side, means this….

  • One lone voice — Jane’s.  Not that she didn’t do a great job.  She did and we’re proud of her.  But on the last show they had 5 so-called experts from the prowind side, plus one poor hapless gentleman who wasn’t even sure what show he was on (that was the rep for ‘our side’).  And, the pro-Green Energy side was given the full hour.
  • They could have had on people like Parker Gallant, James Delingpole (via satellite if need be), Dr. Ross McKitrick (who just did a presentation in Germany), Dr. Robert McMurtry (Order of Canada), lawyer Julian Falconer (who is presently representing the Drennans in court) and at the very least — ONE person from a family who have had to abandon their property due to illness from wind turbines.
  • Jane was on for a whole 20 minutes.  Which, in itself, was a ‘Gee.  Wow. Thanks.’ factor.  But let’s take off the first 2 minutes for the intro….brings it down to 18.  Then there was the replaying of the clips from the last show….16.  Minus the time for Steve to ask his questions….13.   Then, the time for Steve’s responses (which suddenly, he was capable of giving, instead of just sitting there, grinning and nodding his head like on the last show)….11.  But I’ll be generous.  Let’s say that our rebuttal time was a robust 13 minutes of air-time.   I’m gobsmacked.  When Stevie says ‘over a longer period of time’, he ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie.
  • So what did they fill up the rest of the hour-long show with?  Recaps of previous shows.  Mmmhhhmm.  They needed 40 minutes to do that.   They couldn’t give Jane the 40 minutes and do 20 minutes of recap.  No, that would be leaning too much towards the fair side.

Steve was nice to point out that other forms of energy cause problems as well.  Yeah, okay?  So because of that, we don’t ever strive to make things better?   That’s like saying, “Well, car accidents cause XXX deaths a year, so we won’t worry about airline safety.  Compared to cars, plane crashes are just a drop in the bucket.”

He played a clip where one gentleman said that green energy will save 9000 premature deaths a year caused by pollution.  Man!  Those numbers are always climbing.  I’ve heard ‘experts’ say 2,000 premature deaths, than others say 3,000.  Now it’s up to 9,000.  Just as with the number of green jobs created (supposedly 50,000) where do they get these figures from?   They’re just numbers that are snatched out of the air and thrown around without any valid facts to back them up.

So, once again, The Agenda, your bias is showing.  Quite shockingly.  I’m sure those people in Ontario who are in the fight of their lives to regain their health, their quality of life and in some cases, their homes — will forever be in your debt for giving them the chance to educate the GTA and other urbanites about their plight.  If we were talking about refugees from another country, driven from their homes by a tyrannical oppressive government who had stripped them of all their rights to health and quality of life, I’m sure you would treat them with the respect that they deserve.  Apparently, if you’re from Ontario, you just have to suck it up..

*sigh*   And it continues.

Donna Quixote

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One Comment on “To The Agenda with Steve Paikin. “wow. I’m underwhelmed.””

  1. Reality check September 27, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Actually, you pretty much have to “suck it up” anywhere you oppose wind turbines or climate change rhetoric. The Weather Channel has a show on “Turbine Cowboys”. NBC’s in house “doctor” commentator (I use quotes because any MD who is on TV all the time should have the title stripped–they are entertainers, not doctors anymore) told us the other day that older people are getting more allergies than before due to the long, hot summers and warm winters. She apparently suffers from memory loss as well as educational learning loss because just a couple of years ago, states were buried in snow drifts for months on the East Coast, mountain snows were at 200% or more and it was COLD. Not to mention, people in their 60’s and 70’s have always developed allergies (again, there is a lot of memory loss out there). Let’s face it, media is not about truth. It’s about what the lowest level of humanity will latch onto and watch day after day. After all, the people who have skills and ambition are busy working and don’t have the time or energy to call these people on the carpet. This can only be stopped by a majority people NOT watching these shows, not supporting advertisers, and we both know this is never going to happen.

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