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Off topic but worth posting — Women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused, study finds

Editors Note:  Because this is something that I have been saying for DECADES and has now FINALLY been proven TRUE and even though this is off topic for this blog, because it’s mine, fortunately, I get to post whatever I want.  And this merits repeating.   — Donna

From today’s National Post — October 3, 2012

Conventional wisdom suggests that women usually kill their spouses in self defence or as a final, desperate reaction to chronic battery, the burning-bed syndrome that is sometimes cited as a defence in murder trials. A new Canadian study, however, suggests that barely a quarter of husband-killers are victims of domestic abuse, less than half suffer from any identified psychological problem, and fewer still have had trouble with police.

The majority of the slayings – perpetrated by knife, gun and strangulation — appear generally unheralded, suggests the analysis of 20 years of Quebec homicide files.

“Women rarely gave a warning before killing their mates,” concluded the study, co-authored by Dr. Dominique Bourget, a forensic psychiatrist at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. “In the vast majority of cases of women who killed their mates, there were very few indicators that might have signalled the risk and helped predict the violent, lethal behaviour.”

Women who end their partners’ lives have been an under-examined group, the researchers note, given they represent a minority of the total partner homicides. Almost 80% of the 738 spousal killings in Canada between 2000 and 2009 were committed by men, who the study said are also responsible almost exclusively for bloody massacres where children, as well as the partner, are murdered in one act.

Working in conjunction with the Quebec coroners’ office, the Royal Ottawa researchers pored over the files of the 276 spousal homicides in the province between 1991 and 2010, 42 of which, or 15%, were carried out by the female partner. The information included the coroner’s report, police records and autopsy results and medical charts.

(To continue reading and to view charts and diagrams, click here)

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2 Comments on “Off topic but worth posting — Women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused, study finds”

  1. Reality check October 3, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    “patriarchal men suppressing women.” Interesting theory. If it was true, then it would probably explain current male spouses murdered as “matriarchal women suppressing men”. Women did not want equal rights, they just wanted dominance. Actually, it does seem more likely there are many complex factors to why spouses kill each other. It’s not a “one size fits all”.
    This may be off-topic, but it is interesting. It shows that actual research can reveal commonly held beliefs that are not actually true. It shows the importance of science in reaching conclusions.

    • Donna Quixote October 3, 2012 at 11:15 am #

      Exactly. It also shows that women are not the ‘weaker’ sex, but that they will use that to their advantage whenever and wherever they can, particularly if there’s a possibility of jail time involved or the chance of having to share custody of their children, or losing spousal support or in trying to get ahead in the workplace….. all examples that I’ve personally witnessed in my lifetime.

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