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Open letter to Dalton McGuinty

Mr. McGuinty.

Can you please tell us if you are aware of the vast amount of people that live in rural Ontario, on land not deemed ideal for farming. They live on pockets of this beautiful province that enables them to appreciate the natural beauty, enables them to conserve natural habitat for wild life and the botanical splendor it offers that people like you obviously fail to see.

These same people contribute to a large portion of the taxes that feed their township to maintain an infra structure within it that any passing stranger can enjoy or utilize. Many of us are people who have saved to retire into our choice of lifestyle that you and your government think that you have the right to run roughshod over with your green energy act. Most of the land around our property is owned by absentee land owners that have only greed as their motive for entertaining turbines on their property.

Many farmers living on their land do not want these wickedly wasteful projects but we all have to suffer the same fate,  possibly the damaging of our health, destruction of our beautiful skies, animal and bird habitat lost, just to meet some pie in the sky mandate from the U.N. for universal green energy.

We do not think that throwing our tax money into foreign hands , giving them preference over our already functioning electrical infrastructure. What could be greener than Niagara Falls. What could be more polluting than idling gas plants to cover an intermittent wind. If we have excess tax money to throw at foreign companies then why would you not have tendered Canadian Companies to develop and increase our Hydro Electric capabilities. It would at least keep our taxes in Ontario.

Our creek had  powered 3 mills at one time in its history. We cannot imagine in a country with so much water we could not create adequate hydro to satisfy any world mandate though I do not know how anyone could consider the industrialization of the rural communities would even have a blip in the world of our newest and  largest polluters  in Asia.

How you explain your outright trashing of Ontario’s democracy to your children I cannot imagine but maybe you treat them with the same blinkers, news repression, contempt and general lack of responsible education that you show the urban voters. What you don’t know can’t hurt you?

We in rural Ontario do know and we are hurting.  For you certainly have denied urbanites the truth as to what your green energy act is doing to this province. There are no jobs of consequence connected to these turbines and the costs of electricity is driving away any chance of new entrepreneurs or other investors to other provinces or countries.

When Mr. McGuinty are you going to do the right thing and stop this fiasco or is your power so sweet to you that your are willing to sacrifice all of our children’s future. In addition we would like to add that we have been trying to sell our property all summer without any offers. So much for property values and the negative effect of turbines.

Pauline and Barry Weston

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