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Excerpts from Dalton’s diary

From National Post — October 19, 2012

The National Post re-imagines a week in the life of a newsmaker. Today, Tristin Hopper looks at the week through the eyes of newly-resigned Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty:

Well, that’s it, then. I cleaned out my desk, switched off the lights, and, wouldn’t you know it, almost forgot to prorogue the legislature! After work, I brought my caucus out for milkshakes — my treat — to announce the news. “There are long, hard days ahead. Long days. A gargantuan deficit, an air ambulance service run amuck and this gas plant scandal just does not seem to be going away … well, see ya,” I said, handing the finance minister a stack of folders marked “Labour thingz.”

My first day of freedom and who should drop by at the crack of dawn than my stupid brother David. What a dope, every time he comes over he seems to get fatter. Pudge-guinty, they called him in elementary school. No wonder Mom loved me more.

I took a trip to the country today. After wiring up Ontario for success, I figured it was about time to wire up the old McGuinty cabin for electricity. I started by covering the roof in solar panels and installed a wind turbine. Of course, it wasn’t sunny or windy, so I also had to bring in a natural gas generator. My wife didn’t like the look of it at first, so I had to tear it out and reinstall it a few times. Anyway, all told we got the power up and running for only $500,000, which I think you’ll agree is very competitive. My cellphone didn’t stop ringing all day. It must be one of those ball-busting union leaders. Maybe they should try calling someone who cares.

The ironic thing about being premier is you’re so busy, you never really get a chance to walk around in your own province. So, I decided to take a stroll through the old neighbourhood. And oh … the horror. All around me I saw shoppers using plastic bags, people smoking in cars and children drinking pop. I think I’ve made a terrible mistake: My work is not done.

I tried playing Monopoly with my son when, 40 minutes in, I calmly conceded. Really, once he gets Boardwalk and Park Place, there’s really no point in continuing; the rest of the game is just a slow, painful grind to defeat.

(To read full diary, click here)

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