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End of Dalton McGuinty’s tilting at windmills (Not quite)

Monte Solberg — Toronto Sun — October 22, 2012

Last week, the incredible shrinking regime of Dalton McGuinty shrank completely out of sight. He departed not with a bang, but a whimper.

Yes, Liberals should laud his fundamental decency and many have. He truly is a nice guy. But after that, they should kick dirt on him and put up a political gravestone that reads Rest in Peace. That should be the end of his unremarkable political career.

And yet, like a scene from that Stephen King horror classic Pet Sematary, some people want to resurrect the dearly departed as though the country’s future hinged on his majestic leadership. But why? Is this some Halloween hoax?

This is a man who had one big idea in his nine years as premier and it was an idea that really blew — wind power. Other than that, he essentially presided over Ontario’s slow decline while chalking up three election victories.

Some people will seize on the “three victories” thing as vindication for McGuinty’s approach. I seize on the “Ontario’s slow decline” as vindication for anything but the McGuinty approach.

The idea that windmills will save the Ontario economy is the kind of wisdom you might pick up down at the local hemp shop. But wherever the idea came from, it has yet to power Ontario forward. Unemployment in too many cities sits in double digits even as turbines spin in that wayward wind. But even if subsidized wind energy hasn’t powered the mighty Ontario job creation machine, it has been jet fuel for Ontario deficits. According to the McGuinty government’s own projections, Ontario’s debt will eclipse $300 billion sometime in the next three years.

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