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And the myths just keep on coming — When will the wind industry finally start to tell the truth?

From BiofuelsWatch.com, another fairytale about how wind turbines and wind energy are ‘free’, ‘clean’ and ‘not pollution causing’.

“Firstly, wind power is inherently one of the cleanest sources of power available. It does not contribute to global warming, nor does it produce any form of harmful waste.”

(To read the entire article, click here)

If you are a regular reader of Quixotes, you’ll know all about the Vestas internal report which states that for each turbine blade produced, one TON of hazardous and toxic waste is created.  Yeah, that’s ‘clean’.

Then there’s the toxic lakes in China created by the extraction of neodymium for the magnets in wind turbines.  Once productive farmland has been lost forever due to the extremely hazardous sludge that now covers the land.

We all know about the enormous and unrealistically high subsidies and rates paid for wind and solar.  We see it every month in our escalating electric bills.  If you want to call that “free” then by the same token, natural gas is ‘free’, coal is ‘free’ and nuclear is ‘free’.

So we’ll just keep adding these myths to our ever expanding file, along with “50,000 green jobs” created for every country on earth and “XXX is the only country in the world where there are health complaints” and “It’s not renewables that are causing your hydro bill to go up, it’s nuclear”.

And one of my favourites “79% of the population supports wind energy”.  We all know that surveys can be skewed any way you want them to be.  Depends on who you poll (people who live near wind turbines versus those who don’t), rural versus city, informed versus ill-informed, etc.

Plus it also depends on how the question is phrased.  Are they asked, “Do you favour clean green renewable energy?”  Most people will answer yes.  Or are they asked, “Do you support the installation of 500 foot industrial machines right beside residential properties, where the homeowners have had their democratic rights to have a say in the matter, taken away by the government, while at the same time, destroying valuable farmland, killing endangered birds, and disrupting fragile ecosystems?”  I’d be willing to bet, you’d get an entirely different answer.

Yep, the myths just keep on coming.  And no lawyer, consumer group, politician has the guts to ever challenge these outright lies being dumped on a gullible public.

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3 Comments on “And the myths just keep on coming — When will the wind industry finally start to tell the truth?”

  1. Reality check October 23, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    The first lie is the use of the term “renewable”. Unless we reach the scifi level of energy with dilithium crystals that we gather near and far in an infinite galaxy, or matter/antimatter, all energy is LIMITED. Sure, the wind always blows. But it does not turn itself into electricity. The tremendous amount of materials required to trap that free energy is what limits the energy. Same with solar. Both have tremendous land prints. “Renewable” actually refers to the subsidies and the myth of free energy, not the energy itself. No energy is limitless until we have limitless access to the materials needed to produce it. Energy is not just limited by fuel, which is the lie the wind people want us to believe.


  1. Do wind turbines reduce Ontario’s low emissions? « windpowergrab - October 24, 2012

    […] 5,000 metric tonnes of fiberglas blades & hubs – for each turbine blade produced, one TON of hazardous and toxic waste is created QLS […]

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